Rosalía has created a real estate company based in Spain – El Diario NY

Rosalía has created a real estate company based in Spain – El Diario NY


The Spanish singer Rosalía had great success after the release of her latest album ‘Motomami’ in 2022but it is known that everything is uncertain in music, so he has decided to invest money in other businesses.

The Spanish version of ‘Forbes’ reported that the artist has decided to create Tresmamis SLa company dedicated to the real estate sector.

People say that The company will be run by Pilar Tobella Aguileramother of Rosalía. Forbes explains that Tresmamis SL’s objective is the “promotion, construction, purchase, sale, lease and marketing in general of all types of buildings, land, plots, rural and urban properties.”

Although formally this is considered Rosalía’s first company -outside the music industry-, it is known that it will be integrated into Motomami SL, a company that represents the singer.

It should be noted that business is not new to Rosalía’s family, even less so to her mother. Tobella Aguilera was director and general director of Suprametala company that was dedicated to the manufacture of metal plates and labels. Suprametal was founded by Jaume Tobella Bosch, the grandmother of the Spanish singer.

It should also be noted that Rosalía’s mother has always been involved in her artistic careerso it’s no surprise that he’s been put in charge of running the new business.

For the moments It is unknown what the company’s first steps will be.although it can be assumed that the property purchase will begin in Catalonia, the autonomous Spanish city where the singer was born.

Your own music studio

At the same time that Spanish media began to talk about Tresmamis SL, they also began to some rumors arise about an alleged recording studio that Rosalía will create in Hospitalet de Llobregat​​​, a city in the province of Barcelona.

It is said that Rosalía bought a building in the area that she hopes to turn into a kind of cultural center with music as the protagonist. The Spanish newspaper ‘ABC’ said that A prestigious architectural firm had been hired for the construction.although at the moment the name is unknown.

Many have even mentioned a publication that the singer made in 2015. In it she said: “If one day I have money, I won’t be Warhol, but I will set up a site that honors that spirit that artists can be found and created.”

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