Scandal! 脕ngela Aguilar and her boyfriend 15 years older than her

Just last October 3 脕ngela Aguilar turned 18 years old and, now Five months later She is involved in the scandal for having a boyfriend 15 years older than her, which has caused the anger of her famous father, Pepe Aguilar.

After some photographs of the interpreter with the composer were leaked Gussy Lau, 33 years old, confirmed yesterday Wednesday night that he is dating 脕ngela Aguilary that age is not an impediment to sustaining a relationship.

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Gussy Lau is the author of 鈥淭here where you see me鈥 which became a success in the voice of Antonio Aguilar鈥檚 granddaughter.

The composer confirmed the courtship on his social networks 鈥淎 photo of 脕ngela and mine is circulating that someone leaked, I uploaded it to my close friends, well, okay, we are together so as not to make a long story short, we are dating, which will be the middle of February.鈥

In the photographs referred to by Ren茅 Humberto, the composer鈥檚 real name, the two are seen kissing passionately, causing criticism of the young singer for dating an older man.

father鈥檚 reaction

According to Javier Ceriani, host of the YouTube program 鈥楪ossip no like鈥, Pepe Aguilar is not very happy with his young daughter鈥檚 relationship, so he would have already separated the couple and allegedly Gussy Lau you can鈥檛 say anything without permission Pepe Aguilar and Angela.

The platonic loves of 脕ngela Aguilar

脕ngela Aguilar interprets the theme of la soap opera Herencia de Familia and, in the presentation of the telenovela, the young woman recognized that as a child she was in love with William Levy and also Pablo Montero.

Who is Gussy Lau?

Ren茅 Humberto Lau Ibarra, better known as Gussy Lau it is originally from Mocorito, Sinaloa, his father is of Korean nationality and his mother is from Sinaloa, he is 33 years old and began writing songs since his adolescence.

He has extensive experience in the regional Mexican genre and has obtained important recognition within the music industry for the lyrics of his songs, which have been performed by Christian Nodal, The Two Carnal; 50 caliber; Julion Alvarez; The Recoditos; Gerardo Ortiz; The Reds; The Baby; Small Musical Band, Pepe Aguilar and of course, Angela Aguilar.

The Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM) Gussy Lau has registered at least 65 songs of his authorshipthere are two that gave prestige to his career by being awarded two Latin Grammy Awards.

They didn鈥檛 tell you wrong鈥 performed by Christian Nodal he arranged the award for Gussy Lau in 2019; in 2021 she again won the award with the song 鈥Here below鈥, which he co-authored with Christian Nodal and Edgar Barrera.

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鈥淗ow long do I stay鈥, 鈥淗ow many disappointments鈥, 鈥淗alf a step away from giving up鈥, Where they see me鈥, 鈥淗ow I regret it鈥, 鈥淥f the kisses I gave you鈥, 鈥淥n my left side鈥, 鈥淎s I want I鈥檓 still alive鈥, 鈥淏etween her and you鈥, 鈥淲e went鈥 and 鈥淭onight I forget鈥, are other songs authored by Angela Aguilar鈥檚 now boyfriend.

note published in The Sun of Zacatecas

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