Shakira reveals the sadness she felt when she separated from Gerard Piqué in her new song “La Fuerte” – El Diario NY

Shakira reveals the sadness she felt when she separated from Gerard Piqué in her new song “La Fuerte” – El Diario NY

Shakira has once again “used” his social networks to show a new preview of what his album will be “Women No Longer Cryn.” Through a publication on her official Instagram account, the Colombian published a series of photographs as well as a small clip of what will be one of her new songs with the Argentine producer. BizarreThe strong“, which has begun to be linked to the “duel” she experienced after her separation with the former soccer player. Gerard Piqué.

In this post, the businesswoman also appears playing a game of “beaten” with a series of models in a clear allusion to the title of her song. However, what was truly striking was its song.

Another night I spend without seeing you. Another night that I act strong. I deleted your number and why, I already know. I do not forget you no matter how apparent, how apparent.”



Did Shakira dedicate “La Fuerte” to Gerard Piqué?

Although in the same publication the Colombian did not provide more details about the essence of “La Fuerte”, a large number of followers and connoisseurs of the relationship between Shakira and Pique They have begun to relate the artist’s song to her separation process.

It is important to highlight that although it is not yet a fact that “The strong” represents what Shakira experienced after separating from the Spaniard after more than 10 years of relationship, people have pointed out the way in which the artist has “changed” the anger and rage of previous songs into longing and sadness in this new song.

Shakira participating in a show.

The strong” is part of one of the 8 new songs that the singer will include in her new material. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that this will be the second collaboration between the Colombian and Bizarrap after their successful collaboration “Shakira: BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, which will also appear on the album in addition to a remix of it. with support from Pot.

In previous weeks, the Colombian singer has used her social networks to announce the work she is currently doing as well as small details about various songs such as her collaboration with Border Groupwith whom he will premiere the song “Entre Paréntesis”.

Shakira posing.
Shakira is preparing a tour around her new album.
Credit: Mezcalo

In addition to the American group, and the participation of Bizarre, Shakira will feature the participation of other artists such as the American Cardi B and the Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro. Likewise, and as he announced a few weeks ago, it will include songs that he has released in previous years such as “TQG”, along with Karol G“Acrostic”, next to his children Milan and Sasha“Monotonía”, in collaboration with Ozunaamong other.

Women Don’t Cry Anymore” will be released on March 22 in a simultaneous release on digital platforms and in physical stores through vinyl.

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