VIDEO: Luis Miguel is booed in Argentina after leaving the stage mid-concert – El Diario NY

VIDEO: Luis Miguel is booed in Argentina after leaving the stage mid-concert – El Diario NY

The step of Luis Miguel through South America, as part of his tour “Luis Miguel Tour 2024”, has been overshadowed by various circumstances coming from the singer himself, such as the recent cancellation of the show he would give in Bolivia. However, and on this occasion, the Mexican was unable to carry out his most show in the city of Córdoba, Argentina, due to issues related to the weather, which caused the displeasure and discomfort of the attendees.

In this presentation, held on March 14, Luis Miguel He was performing his repertoire when a storm fell on the stage in the city of Córdoba. Given this, the actor also decided to continue the show with the help of one of his bodyguards, who held an umbrella over the singer for a long period of time.

However, despite the efforts of the singer and his team to maintain the show, the weather ended up causing the Mexican to “flight”, causing the attendees to show their discontent through shouts of protest and screeching.

Luis Miguel is criticized in Argentina

After protecting himself from the rain for a long period of the concert, with the help of an umbrella, the singer left the stage. However, and to the surprise of the vast majority, the artist did not appear again.

Given this, most people began to replicate the word “Scam!” It is worth mentioning that according to the same attendees, the artist appeared wandering and indifferent from the beginning of the show by cutting the songs in addition to not “acting” with the same dedication that is usually perceived of him.

Luis Miguel performing in a show.

After the cancellation of the concert, social networks were flooded with complaints and indignation from attendees and other users, who mentioned that there was no apparent reason to cancel the show.

After the variety of complaints, which even reached Argentine television, the organizers of the concert Luis Miguel “They issued a statement mentioning that the electrical storm was the main reason for the cancellation of the concert.”

Due to the electrical storm recorded yesterday in Córdoba, Argentina, and in order to protect the safety of fans, musicians and staff in the face of an electrical risk, the concert had to end earlier than scheduled given the danger that “It represents the amount of water recorded all day and during the concert by the lighting and sound equipment.”

Luis Miguel tour organizers

Despite the “explanation” of the organizers, a large number of people continued to show their anger with the artist and the event by mentioning that they would “never again” pay to see the Mexican.

Until now, and after the cancellation of the show, it has not been mentioned if the concert will be rescheduled.

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