Shaquille O’Neal has an enviable real estate portfolio – El Diario NY

Shaquille O’Neal has an enviable real estate portfolio – El Diario NY


The success of musicians, actors or athletes could be measured through their real estate portfolio. An example of this is the former NBA star Shaquille O’Nealalthough he recently hinted that his millions do not bring him complete happiness.

Recently O’Neal invited American football player Jason Kelce to ‘The Big Podcast With Shaq’ to talk about his career and even how his life has changed his brother Travis Kelce when he interacted with Taylor Swift.

During the conversation, the former basketball star also took the opportunity to make some recommendations to Jason about his family with Kylie Kelce, his properties and his future retirement from the NFL.

O’Neal opened up saying that he has been very successful, but that he has also made many mistakes in his personal life that have had serious consequences. For example, he says that He ended up living alone in a large 100,000 square foot mansion.

These statements caused the media to investigate the real estate portfolio of the New Jersey-born athlete. According to ‘New York Post’, O’Neal owns nine large properties distributed in different cities in the United States: Nevada, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

It must be remembered that in May 2022 he put Mansion in Paradise, Nevada, for sale for $3 million. However, months later the residence left the real estate market.

The New York Post also had access to records showing that in recent years he has purchased at least four properties in McDonough, Georgia. Which It is presumed that he will combine these lands to build a large residential complex.

Despite all that, O’Neal tells Kelce: “My advice to you is that if you’re going to retire, accept it, enjoy your familybrother. “I made a lot of stupid mistakes until I lost my family and had no one.”

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