Spanish press DESTROYS Shakira and mocks this part of her body for being ‘fake’

Spanish press DESTROYS Shakira and mocks this part of her body for being ‘fake’


The breakup between Shakira and Piqué has given a lot to talk about since the news was announced in 2022 and despite the fact that a good amount of time has passed since their separation, there has been no shortage of arguments between the popular ex-couple. Now the Spanish press is dealing a setback to the Latin American music star by ensuring that a body part of the singer is totally false.

The international press has released all the details of the breakup between the famous performer and the businessman and former soccer player, from his infidelity, which was the reason for the final separation, to the relationship they have with their children. details of the life of Shakira in Miami, what is Gerard’s relationship with his former in-laws and the treatment he experienced Shakira at the hands of his former mother-in-law.

The truth is that this couple will not stop being in the news and any movement they make is under the magnifying glass and under the spotlight of the press. Since Shakira moved to Miami, it seems that the Spanish press has taken sides in favor of Piqué. According to the journalist Javier Ceriani, owner of the well-known program Chisme No Like, in the clubs of Spain the songs of Shakira have been censored so that Piqué’s name is not pronounced.

This is the part of Shakira’s body that the press points out as false

The Catalan media “El Nacional” made speculations about the physique of the Colombian star, ensuring that he has undergone several cosmetic repairs with an estimated value of 63,000 euros, among the procedures that according to this media he would have undergone. Shakira the most notable would be an arrangement dentalaccording to the Spanish press the change in the teeth of the interpreter is “bestial”.

Within its headlines, this medium assured that the methods used to Shakira change the appearance of his teeth were extreme, they even claim that the star sports a teeth false In addition to these statements, the press undertook the task of listing the alleged procedures that the singer had undergone to improve her physical appearance and to preserve her thin and youthful image.

Some of the procedures the singer has reportedly had include chin prosthesis, hyaluronic acid and Botox treatments, liposculpture, rhinoplasty and a face lift. The famous singer has not made any statements regarding the attacks by the Spanish press nor has he clarified whether he has undergone aesthetic treatments throughout his career with the purpose of improving his image or preserving his youth. The performer is focused on her work because on March 22 she will release a new musical album.

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