They reveal the scandalous reason why Ana Lago had to leave Exaltón México

They reveal the scandalous reason why Ana Lago had to leave Exaltón México


Recently, Ana Lago has given a lot to talk about for several reasons, one of them is was eliminated from “Exatlón México”, In addition to that it also began to be said that he would be going through a marriage crisis with her husband, Edgar Alejandro Santanaalthough he wanted to deny it by ensuring that they had celebrated Valentine’s Day together, last February 14.

In the midst of these rumors, it has now been revealed that the possible reason for her departure from the reality show would not have been because she lost the battle against Macky González, but in reality the reason would have been because of her husband, as revealed by a friend. to TVyNotas magazine

According to the person close to Lago, there would be a crisis in the marriage and they were about to break up. divorcein addition to the fact that Ana would have given several signs of this that began to raise suspicions, and this would have been caused by jealousy and machismo on his part.

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“At the beginning of last year there began to be talk of a separation between Ana and her husband. She was repeatedly seen without her wedding ring and stopped sharing images with him on social media. Ana denied it, but they did have a crisis due to which they were even on the verge of divorcing, although in the end they came out well,” said Lago’s friend.

And although they would have fixed their problems, it seems that at the end of 2023 new ones would have arisen after the gymnast was invited for the current season of “Exatlón” and this did not seem very good to her husband, which would have caused discussions among them.

“She was immediately excited about the proposal, but she didn’t expect that her husband would not see this favorably. “Ana managed to convince him by saying that he would only go to the beaches of the Dominican Republic for a few weeks to relive the adventure,” she added. “Three months passed and Ana was still on the reality show with great possibilities of winning this season. This situation caused many arguments with her husband, who couldn’t stand being away from her. In an act of desperation he almost told her to choose between the program or her relationship.”

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According to the source, Ana had to choose between the program and your marriage and she ended up choosing her husband, so many would have pointed out through social networks that during the duel with Macky she would have lost her purpose: “she felt between a rock and a hard place and chose her marriage. She considered that this was before anyone else and when fighting a duel with Macky González, leading him by three points, she ‘coincidentally’ began to miss her shots. In the end, she was eliminated. For many it was so obvious that, on social networks, they pointed out that she had let herself win.

Ana Lago breaks the silence and talks about this new rumor

Through her X account, the gymnast broke the silence after the recent publication in the famous magazine and assured that everything is a lie, but that she will take action on the matter to find out who the supposed friend was who would have said these things to the medium.

To calm the waters, the reality star also published a photograph with her husband on February 14 to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship: “She was already reunited with Edgar and on February 14 she posted an image of them together to silence rumors of a separation or divorce. It was a very complicated situation, but she was clear that she had to save her marriage.”


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