Stellar Blade’s “physical cravings” excite fans

Stellar Blade’s “physical cravings” excite fans

Title Stellar Bladeeven without having been officially released, is already causing a sensation on the internet, especially for its pretty protagonist Eve, who is already considered one of the most beloved “waifus” today, especially since in the few appearances she made, she fell in love with her physique. But now her “attributes” have been seen in motion thanks to a video that is circulating on the internet, and that not only demonstrates the girl’s great modeling, but also the “good physics” that were used, according to a game of current generation.

Stellar Blade fans fall in love with Eve’s physique

Stellar Blade Presents The Model Who Gives Life To Its &Quot;Waifu&Quot;  ProtagonistStellar Blade Presents The Model Who Gives Life To Its &Quot;Waifu&Quot;  Protagonist

Stellar Blade It will be officially released on April 26, but for some time now it has been a trend on the networks for various reasons, the most striking being undoubtedly the “waifus” that make up the game, more precisely the protagonist, Eve, which has been seen more as the months have passed. But now a video has been published on the social network Twitter/Xwhere we not only see her in motion, but it is her “attributes” that caught the attention of fans the most.

As can be seen in the video, in order to demonstrate the physics of Stellar Bladewe see that the “tests” are carried out on a staircase, where Eve He is both going up and down from it, revealing his body to a greater extent, accompanied by several camera angles that will better show this. Although without a doubt what stands out are the physics that its “attributes” possess, mainly those of the rear, with a very real slight movement that will increase the level of “craving” of the fans of this game.

Furthermore, this “test” where we see going down to Eve of the staircase is reminiscent of another that was made in the past, with a “waifu” with whom she is constantly compared to the protagonist of Stellar Bladewe refer to 2B of NieR: Automata, and one of the most representative images at the beginning was of her performing the same action. Finally, it is also worth clarifying that the outfit that Eve uses in the game is not the main one, but one of the different versions that can be obtained in the title, so in the future more “proofs” of this style could come to light. light.

Stellar Blade EveStellar Blade Eve

And as is customary with this type of publications, it was the fans who were most aware of the situation, and the large number of comments generated on the post allowed us to see, first, why Eve It is so loved by the community, and secondly because the wait for the game is so high. Furthermore, although the vast majority encouraged the great technical work to create one of the best “waifus” of the year, there were those who complained that she was the only reason the title would be played, so in the same way several sides can be seen in the publication.

Stellar Blade It is one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation 5 users, either because it will be launched exclusively at first on that console on April 26 or because of the same images that have been shared over time and that They present a most entertaining game. Stellar Blade will be a frenetic hack and slash that will be compared to other franchises like Bayonetta or NieR: Automata, where real-time combat with cute “waifus” will be its main dish.

Stellar Blade’s “Physical Crazes” Excite FansStellar Blade’s “Physical Crazes” Excite Fans


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