Daniel Bisogno would be taking medication for depression to deal with the death of his mother

Daniel Bisogno would be taking medication for depression to deal with the death of his mother


Daniel Bisogno has given a lot to talk about in recent months due to its health conditionwhich has been very worrying for the public, because in this last situation that happened, he had to be admitted to the hospital to be in intensive therapy and being intubated, due to a lung infection he suffered, although fortunately he is already at home recovering.

It was announced that the driver would have discharged himself, meaning that the decision to leave the hospital would have been his, because he already wanted to be at home, although the doctors did not recommend it. Therefore, he was caught on camera while going out in wheelchairs.

But without a doubt, another hard blow for him would have been the death of his mother, Araceli Bisognowho lost his life on February 24 due to complications after contracting COVID-19, while he was hospitalized, so for health reasons, they had to give him the hard news several days later.

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Daniel Bisogno would be relying on antidepressants

Now it has become known that the presenter of “Windowing“She wouldn’t be having such an easy time after leaving the hospital and finding out about her mother’s death, because according to the journalist Ana Maria Alvarado is taking antidepressants to recover from grief.

The communicator indicated that he had contact with some of the staff where he was hospitalized, where they had given him the recommendation to stay 15 more days because he was still in intermediate therapy and they wanted to move him to a room, but he decided to leave.

“It takes a while to go to the hospital, that’s why it got complicated and he ended up intubated; So now, out of desperation, she also wanted to leave, because she is taking medication for depression due to the death of her mother, which she cannot assimilate, and it is very understandable,” she indicated.

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According to the journalist, the medication to combat depression is to be able to handle the news of the unfortunate death much better, since it is something that she cannot assimilate and could affect her state of health even more. “He took the risk because he wants to be with his family, he wants to be with his daughter, he has the money, he has the means to be treated like in the hospital in his house.”


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