The 7 Ho’oponopono phrases that will help you start May with PEACE and without problems

The 7 Ho’oponopono phrases that will help you start May with PEACE and without problems


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A few days before a new month begins, it is ideal that we prepare to receive it so that we can take advantage of the new tests and blessings that life has in store for us. An excellent technique that has become more relevant in recent years to free yourself from karma and connect with your inner self is Ho’oponopono. If you want to bring peace and well-being during May, we share 7 powerful phrases that will help you not have problems.

He Ho’oponopono It is an ancient technique of Hawaiian origin, which has the purpose of freeing people from toxic negative thoughts and emotions that damage their lives. These are supposedly conditioned by our ancestors and past lives, to free ourselves from them we must embrace our present by applying the philosophy of forgiveness and reconciliation with the help of the repetition of mantras.

The most commemorative phrase consists of only four phrases: “I’m sorry, sorry, thank you, I love you”, which, no matter how simple they may seem, have a very high energy charge, which is why they achieve emotional changes in the people who repeat them frequently. frequency, removing negative energy in its wake. According to beliefs, they are drunk to repeat during the day regardless of the time and circumstance, although you can also do it during a moment of sadness when you require calm, clarity, peace or to cleanse your mind of intrusive thoughts.


The way it is recommended to practice this technique, doing it with faith and love, intending your words so that they have effect. You can close your eyes, focus on your breathing, on the environment and the sounds that surround you and say each word calmly and without rushing in your mind, in a low or loud voice as you prefer and is most comfortable for you, but always staying calm. in the present.

This will help slow down your pace and resolve any problems you have. On the other hand, there are also other mantras that can help you. Below, we share a list of the 7 most powerful phrases to change your reality, which were taken from the book. Ho’oponopono: peace begins with you, by the author Raúl Pérez. Take note!

  1. “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”
  2. “Divinity, cleanse in me everything that is contributing to the appearance of this problem”
  3. “I love you dear memories. I appreciate the opportunity to release you and me.”
  4. “I love you, and if I aroused hostile feelings in you, I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness. Thank you!”
  5. “Autumn leaves”
  6. “God bless you I love you”
  7. “Thy will be done
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