The 99-minute Netflix movie based on real events that will make your skin crawl from start to finish

The 99-minute Netflix movie based on real events that will make your skin crawl from start to finish

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You like the films based on real life? Then you will love this option that we have for you: in Netflix There is a film that lasts 99 minutes that everyone is talking about and that a few days after it was uploaded to the catalog it was placed in the first places. This film leaves a very strong message to reflect on and will undoubtedly make you see life in a different way. Do you want to know what it is about? Go grab the popcorn and get ready to watch one of the best movies available on the platform. streaming.

For those people who enjoy films based on real events and who also like the drama genre, there is an option in the catalog of Netflix which lasts 99 minutes (1 hour 39 minutes) and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a film that was released in 2023 and that, since it hit the big screen, has stolen the applause and gained recognition for the topic it addresses and the way it is narrated.

When is movie premiered at a prestigious South American film festival, it turned out to be a success, as the public quickly connected with the story and the painful memories it generates for hundreds of families who have gone through a similar situation. Now that this film has arrived in the catalog of Netflix. The audience received it with positive reviews, quickly placing it in the top ten on the streaming platform. streaming.

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Netflix: This is the movie based on true events that will leave you breathless from beginning to end

“Simon” is the movie in Netflix that you have to see as soon as possible since it will become one of your favorites, the one that you will recommend to everyone. The synopsis on the platform streaming indicates that the story is about a young man who, after escaping the oppression that exists in Venezuela, tries to build a new life in Miami, United States, however, the young man deals with the weight of what he left behind.

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Starring Christian McGaffney, Jana Nawartschi, Roberto Jaramillo, the story was screened for the first time in July 2023 at the Venezuelan Film Festival, in the city of Mérida. “Simón” has been well received by the public and has generated a whole class of criticism; The feature film has received multiple awards, including best film at the 2023 Venezuelan Film Festival; It was also nominated for the 38th edition of the Goya Awards in the category of best Ibero-American film.

The moviedirected by Diego Vicentini, lasts 99 minutes and is suitable for ages 14 and up; It is currently one of the most viewed in Mexico. “Simon” will make your skin crawl and take your breath away because it is a combination of drama and action that will get on your nerves with every passing minute and keep you on the edge of your seat. “Simon” is available in Netflix and it is a great option to see. There is no doubt that this film based on real events will leave you thinking about the situation that this Latin American country is experiencing.

Cast of “Simon”

  • Christian McGaffney as Simon.
  • Roberto Jaramillo as Chucho.
  • Jana Nawartschi as Melissa.
  • Franklin Virgüez as Colonel Lugo.
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