The amazing image of a spoon that formed a flock of birds

The amazing image of a spoon that formed a flock of birds

Photo: ALBERT KESHET / copyright

An Israeli photographer captured a unique image when a flock of birds formed a silhouette that resembles a spoon loaded with sugar.

The illusion happened when thousands of starlings gathered and descended as a group.

Albert Keshet portrayed the moment in which it is even seen that the spoon is curved, and published it on his social networks creating hundreds of comments of surprise and amazement.

The images are reminiscent of the Israeli mentalist Uri Geller, famous for bending spoons supposedly with the power of his mind.

Keshet took the images on an early morning excursion in the northern Jordan Valley to photograph birds and plants.

“When I was in the valley looking for birds, I found the flock of starlings. I was there for five or six hours, watching and following them to get some pretty pictures, ”the photographer told the BBC.

“At one point they began to rise and the dance began. To my surprise, in the space of just five seconds they formed the image of the spoon. They held that formation for a few seconds and then switched to the curved spoon, ”he added.

“In the ten years that I have been traveling and taking photos, this is the most impressive image I have taken of starlings.”

Albert keshet
Image of curved spoon formed by starlings.

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