The Bronco puts the new politicians to the test

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MEXICO.- When the former governor of Nuevo Le贸n, Jaime Rodr铆guez 鈥淓l Bronco鈥 entered prison for alleged embezzlement of money, the first to congratulate was his successor, Samuel Garc铆a, 33 years old. He so he put the spotlight on himself.

The millennial who won the elections at the point of social media campaigns made firewood from the fallen tree, his predecessor and antithesis, the rancher who was almost killed by organized crime, the man who came to power with high expectations as the young governor now has .

A new beginning means not tolerating corruptionnot allow impunity and that justice be done, 鈥淕arcia said on social media.鈥

鈥淭oday we took an important step to achieve it. If someone, whoever, broke the law and abused the trust of the people of New Leon, he will have to be held accountable and pay the consequences.鈥

A new generation in the fight against corruption? A politician making his way to the presidency?

An avalanche of speculation arose in public opinion.

Former President Vicente Fox (who defeated the PRI in 2000) intervened in his own wayvia Twitter, with a warning for national consumption:

鈥淲ater, kid,鈥 he said. 鈥淵ou are too young to get between the legs of horses.鈥

Samuel Garc铆a and 鈥淓l Bronco鈥 have a long-standing rivalry. When the former was a senator for the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party and was a strong opponent of the government of the latter.

He filed a complaint indicating that Jaime Rodr铆guez used public resources so that more than 570 public officials collected signatures for his candidacy as an independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

Mexican law requires that any presidential candidate without a party obtain at least 1% of the nominal list of citizen support with signature for a candidacy.

In another move to show his distance from the Bronco, shortly after taking office as governor, Samuel Garc铆a denounced possible acts of corruption in the previous administration to the local prosecutor鈥檚 office.

Was the photo of Jaime Rodr铆guez in jail the work of Samuel Garc铆a?

The governor himself has denied it. He said that the Nuevo Le贸n prosecutor鈥檚 office is independent, although the prosecutor came out of a list that he proposed. On the other hand, who filed the complaint was the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes, headed by Gilberto de Hoyos, a lawyer closer to the business class with high influence in the country鈥檚 industrialized state.

In an editorial in the newspaper Reporte Indigo, one of the most important at the local level, he observed that Samuel Garc铆a could see himself reflected precisely in his predecessor鈥渨ho undertook the failed Operation Tornado against Rodrigo Medina, but who fell one by one.鈥

In any case, it raised expectations that justice can be done against the most powerful in a country where impunity is 98%. 鈥淚t is a strong message, but it is difficult for El Bronco to be held in prison for the crimes he is accused of,鈥 observed Khemvirg Puente, a political scientist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Until now, a control judge of the Judicial Branch of the state of Nuevo Le贸n has ordered preventive detention as a precautionary measure to avoid a possible escape from 鈥淓l Bronco鈥 considering that he allegedly received resources for the electoral campaign when he was launched as a candidate.

Any way at all, The El Bronco scandal broke out at a good time for Samuel Garc铆a. Just when he was beginning to be questioned about the insecurity crisis for which the presence of the army had to be reinforced, due to the shortage of water and the increase in liquid and transportation rates.

For political analyst Jorge Fern谩ndez, what Samuel Garc铆a did was join the scandal, take advantage of it.

The former governor of Nuevo Le贸n was already being investigated before the end of his termin such a way that the current governor only accelerated the investigation.鈥

Some analysts agree that if Samuel Garc铆a manages to ensure that the justice processes are sustained and taken seriously through the prosecutor鈥檚 office, it could open up a possibility for the governor to position himself at a different level beyond age, as a new political class without old tricks.

Could the El Bronco scandal lead Samuel Garc铆a to build a presidential candidacy?

Khemvirg Puente thinks not exactly. Because the presidential renewal is far away, the scandals are soon forgotten and the governor of Nuevo Le贸n has a long way to go in the position that he started in 2021.

鈥淭here are also other names that can be at the same level as Enrique Alfaro, current governor of Jalisco; the son of Luis Donaldo Colosio, (former PRI presidential candidate assassinated in 1994) or someone else who could arise from the breakup of Morena, such as Ricardo Monreal (former governor of Zacatecas) or Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.鈥

New face?

Samuel Garc铆a is known for capitalizing on social networks in his favor to make himself known as a ruler; of leaning on his wife as a local influencer to make his administration (and from the campaign) a reality show.

His slogan to reach the governorship of Nuevo Le贸n was 鈥渨e must change the old policy鈥but it is not the first time in recent times that a Mexican politician makes of his youth a speech to act with the old practices.

The analyzes suggest that he will have to prove much more. The bronco is an opportunity, in any case, because his government proposals are actually the same as the old agenda of his state.

A new fiscal agreement so that from the money that Nuevo Le贸n keeps most of the money it contributes to the Federation, a water plan, restructuring of public transport; Air Quality Agency, a Great Nuevo Le贸n Park, refound the Civil Force, new Metro lines鈥

The El Bronco process would make a difference. Until the closing of this edition, the Nuevo Le贸n prosecutor鈥檚 office said that after searching the former governor鈥檚 ranch, he found two million 100 thousand pesos in cash, as well as two safes and two weapons.

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