The Fan ID did not work in the Azteca: Fans entered without control after the first half of the Mexico-USA.

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One of the new methods for controlling the attendance of fans is the use of the FanID for entry to the states within Mexican territory, however, for the match between Mexico and United States disputed in the Aztec stadium where a group entered without validating their card.

Despite the regulations imposed by the Mexican Football Federationa group of fans was able to access the Azteca Stadium due to how complicated the entry was, between the delay and the failures in the validation of the cards.

All attendees had to register with the portal myselection.mxwhere each of the fans had to enter their personal data, a photograph and also an official identification to contrast the entered data.

During the entrance to the Azteca, the security officers were reviewing the caught QR of the Fan ID, in addition to the ticket, generating a great delay and complications so that the fans could enter the venue without problems, forcing long lines to form in the surroundings.

Because the commitment was being disputed, the organization decided to lift the access control through the Fan ID, allowing each fan to enter the Azteca Stadium without the need to show their identification.

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