The First Slam Dunk Surprises With Its Stunning Japan Box Office Debut

The First Slam Dunk Surprises With Its Stunning Japan Box Office Debut

By the time the anime SLAM DUNK announced his return by revealing the production of a film, titled “The First Slam Dunk«, the fans of this classic franchise have shown their happiness and joy when they found out about this news, and when its release date was announced, all that remained was to wait for the days to pass for this film to be released in the theaters in Japan.

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As you know, the movie The First Slam Dunk made its debut at the Japanese box office on December 3 of this year, and just 2 days after its release, the film has managed to gross an impressive 1.2 billion yen (approximately $9.57 million US dollars) and sell more than 847 thousand tickets in different theaters in Japan.

In this way, the film The First Slam Dunk topped the Japanese box office over the weekend, with screenings IMAX in 40 theaters throughout Japan and screenings Dolby Atmos in 34 cinemas. In addition, the film will also have screenings «Dolby Cinema» from next December 10 of this year.

Voice Cast Members:

  • Subaru Kimura What Hanamichi Sakuragi
  • kenta miyake What Takenori Akagi
  • shinichiro kamio What Kaede Rukawa
  • Shugo Nakamura What ryota miyagi
  • Jun Kasama What Hisashi Mitsui

Staff Members:

  • Takehiko Inoue is in charge of directing and writing the scripts for the film
  • the animation studio Toei Animation is responsible for the production of the film
  • daiki nakazawa is in charge of the direction of the CG
  • yasuyuki ebara is in charge of character design and director of animation for the film
The First Slam Dunk - Visual Image

the manga slam dunk is written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoueand began its publication in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the publisher Shueisha on October 1, 1990. The work has 31 compilation volumes in format tankuebon and 24 volumes in format kanzeban.

On October 16, 1993, the manga slam dunk It would premiere its anime adaptation that consisted of a total of 101 episodes and 4 OVAs. the animation studio Toei Animation was in charge of the production of the series under the direction of Nobutaka Nishizawa.

synopsis of Slam Dunk:

Hanamichi Sakuragi, infamous for his temper, enormous height, and fiery red hair, enrolls in Shohoku High, hoping to finally land a girlfriend and break his record of being rejected 50 times in a row in high school. However, his notoriety precedes him, leading to most students avoiding him. Shortly after certain events, Hanamichi is left with two unshakable thoughts: “I hate basketball” and “I desperately need a girlfriend.”

One day, a girl named Haruko Akagi approaches him without knowing his troublesome ways and asks if he likes basketball. Hanamichi immediately falls head over heels for her, blurting out a fervent affirmation of her. She then takes him to the gym, where she asks him if he can do a slam dunk. In an attempt to impress Haruko, he jumps at her, but he goes over the line and hits his head on the blackboard. When Haruko informs the captain of the basketball team of Hanamichi’s near-inhuman physical abilities, he gradually finds himself drawn to the camaraderie and competition of the sport he previously resented.


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