The House of Famous People 4: Lupillo proposed to Ariadna and she left him in the “friendzone” – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: Lupillo proposed to Ariadna and she left him in the “friendzone” – El Diario NY

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Ariadna Gutierrez has become the new romantic interest of Lupillo Rivera within The House of the Famous 4. “El Toro del Corrido” has been totally honest with the Colombian and has made his intentions very clear. “I love you,” the singer recently told him. “I like you a lot and I like you more and more,” stressed Jenni Rivera’s brother.

“La Casa de los Famosos 4” and “El Señor de los Cielos 9” sweep the ratings in prime time

Lupe went head-to-head with Ari, however the model did not agree to have a romance with him inside the house, because she stated that she is not that type of person and does not want to look that way on the show. She didn’t reject the interpreter’s attention either, but they haven’t become boyfriends either. At the moment they seem to be “special friends”, but friends nothing more. Lupillo Rivera, for now, has been left in the “friendzone.”

The relationship that Guadalupe has with Aria is basically the same that Clovis Nienow has managed to have, for now, with Aleska Génesis: hugs, kisses here and there. Caresses that are more affectionate than lovers, but something is something, as Natalia Alcocer highlighted last night during the gala she held for the leader’s tenth test.

This Telemundo reality show already has four seasons under its belt. Currently there are only two established couples as a result of having met within this show and they are: Rafael Nieves with Julia Gama and Madison Anderson with Pepe Gámez.

At the time and during the first season we saw the romance of Cristina Eustace with Christian de la Campa. Nor did Roberto Romano’s relationship with Alicia Machado occur. Of these two only memory exists. In the second edition the relationship of Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano, as well as Niurka Marcos with Juan Vidal. Both romances ended a few months after leaving the show.

The love inside La Casa de los Famosos is not for everyone, but it comes. And in the end, only time allows them to see how real the feelings they saw emerging within this competition were.

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