The Lord of the Skies: We visited the set and ran into Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas

The Lord of the Skies: We visited the set and ran into Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas

Rafael Amaya is Aurelio in Telemundo's Lord of the Skies.

Rafael Amaya is Aurelio in Telemundo’s Lord of the Skies.

Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

I recently traveled to Mexico to tour the locations where some scenes of El Señor de los Cielos are being recorded in its eighth season, which will begin on January 17, 2023. There, I was lucky to meet Rafael Amaya cast in the role of Aurelio Casillas, in his great return to the series that has brought so much success to his career and to Telemundo.

During this visit I was also able to talk with África Zavala, who joins this story to give life to Mecha, one of the women that I sense will truly steal the heart of this famous drug dealer.

I toured the set like this with the actors who talked to me about the recordings and exposed the fun coexistence they have. I saw a very smiling Rafael Amaya full of energy, both to talk to the press, and to make the arduous recordings of the day, which included intense conversations with Mecha.

África Zavala is Mecha in El Señor de los Cielos 8. / Photo Courtesy of Telemundo.

Although África -Mecha- did not want to give me more details about her character’s relationship with Aurelio, I have been able to read between the lines and I can tell you that in addition to passion, it seems that love will really be born. I don’t think Aurelio changed, drastically, and that he becomes faithful overnight, those values ​​are not part of the character itself, but I think Mecha will make him tremble. She is different!

Zavala in the role of Mecha is a delight. Her physical beauty is not a secret, but I think the natural sweetness of the actress is part of the woman she plays for The Lord of Heaven 8. Thanks to the fact that I was able to sneak into some scenes, I realized that even though Mecha loves Aurelio, he also has character, but it is difficult to remove the stains from the tiger. And even when she presses him and even rejects him, Aurelio is Aurelio.

Scenes from The Lord of the Skies in its eighth season. / Photo by Clary Castro for El Diario de NY.
Mecha and Aurelio will have a conversation that is as loving as it is dramatic in this chapter. / Photo by Clary Castro for El Diario de NY.

I don’t know if the love of this pair survives, not only the temperament of an Aurelio who does seem to me to have changed, but also the lifestyle he hasHe’s a drug dealer, for God’s sake! Also, and as if that were not enough, he revived to avenge his family, he has the DEA after him, as always, and now he is facing the worst of his villains, I will talk about him later.

Exposed the above, I understand when Rafa tells me that this will be the best of all the seasons of The Lord of the Skies. The maturity that the 45-year-old actor now possesses, and the story that Aurelio carries will make the public find a less visceral, more strategic man in this new installment. He will think better before attacking, we will see almost, almost the personality of a “gluttonous cat”, which plays with its prey before sinking its teeth into it, more out of boredom than hunger.

Rafael Amaya is Aurelio Casillas, Telemundo’s only Lord of the Skies. / Photo courtesy of Telemundo

My meeting with Rafael Amaya

We were in one of the parking lots of the locations for this new season, when Rafael arrived very early, ready and willing to work. He greeted everyone… he is a really tall, educated man who does not go unnoticed. He has an infectious smile, but the most outstanding thing about his attitude is the free and clean laugh that he has, which appears almost at all times. It’s really contagious!

Watching him talk to the press, and the fact is that I asked to be the last to go by to be able to observe his interaction with the people, I noticed that Rafael is a man who looks straight ahead, who listens carefully to each question and who dedicates his time to everyone. same attention and respect. Rafael, I insist, looks straight ahead, with a warm smile and this is the case with the wardrobe team that helps him always look good, as well as with the journalists who ask the most daring questions.

During the meeting with the media, Rafael knows that videos and photographs of him are needed, so despite the cold of the moment, he was always willing to take off his coat to pose for pictures, he even recorded several videos for at least half an hour without any protection from the weather. I noticed that both his arms and his hands sometimes turned pale due to lack of heat, but he did not lose his composure, nor did he smile. These details are the ones that are sometimes unknown to the public and that some overlook.

The actor’s work goes beyond what we see on the screen or the glamor of premieres with everything and red carpet.

As an example of the above, I would like to share that that day we left the hotel for the locations at 6:45 in the morning. I had to get up at five in the morning to get ready! When we arrived, the production team had been working for hours and several scenes had already been recorded. Although my day started extremely early, it is also true that at six in the evening I was already going back to the hotel, while the actors and the production were still there, recording, working… “and repeat”.

Rubén Cortada is the great villain of this new season. He will give life to Fernando Aguirre. / Photo courtesy of Telemundo.

About my conversation with Rafael Amaya I will talk to you later. So stay tuned for our next installments, where you can also see the videos that I made together with the rest of the protagonists of this story, since I also spoke with Carmen Aub and Isabella Castillo. And don’t forget your new villainRuben Cortada, he will play with Aurelio Casillas and it is that to live up to a character who is essentially bad, then it is known that his opponent will be as Machiavellian as he is.

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