The LOVING message that Ricardo Montaner dedicated to Camilo for his 30th birthday

The LOVING message that Ricardo Montaner dedicated to Camilo for his 30th birthday



Undoubtedly, Camilo Echaeverry has become one of the most beloved celebrities and within the music industry in Spanish, and his talent and beautiful personal life place him in the middle of the eyes of his millions of fans because now that he has turned 30 years old, his faithful followers highlight the message that his dear father-in-lawthe interpreter of Venezuelan nationality, Ricardo Montaner and this was what he told him.

It is important to mention that since the Colombian interpreter He became one of the members of the Montaner dynasty upon marrying the only daughter of interpreter of songs like ‘Bésame la boca’ or ‘Cima del cielo’, everyone has been fascinated by the good treatment they have given the artist and reasons why no one is surprised that his in-laws send him their best wishes and so it was I congratulate you famous father-in-law

And it was the past Saturday March 16 when Camilo Echeverry I turned another decade of life, and even though the first to congratulate him was his beautiful wife, the singer Evaluna Montanerfans also realized how important the Colombian for the family of his wife because without any regret his father-in-law shined through instagram and this was the fabulous message that he placed at his son-in-law.

It was through his Instagram account patriarch of the Montenaer where he posted an image next to the Colombian singerthe same one who fired the owner: “Happy birthday beloved son… @camilo”and as expected, the most faithful followers of one of the most famous couples in the industry applauded this beautiful gesture, because the Evaluna’s husband he just responded: “I love you father-in-law.”

When is Camilo and Evaluna’s second child born?

It is important to mention that this 30th birthday of the interpreter of topics like ‘Rich Life’ and ‘Expensive Clothes’, is marked by his second paternity, since a couple of days ago it was the couple who made the announcement that the little girl Indigo would become the older sister of the family, Well, they even generated controversy over the name they plan to give to the baby, Amaranth, and although they have defended themselves, many wonder when it was born.

True to their style, famous singers have decided to keep everything private this second pregnancy of the also actress 26 years old, since the arrival of his second baby has generated the same curiosity that two years ago of living with Indigo, but so far the gestation time of the baby has not been revealed. Eva Luna nor much less when they will be parents again.


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