Were Javier Alatorre and Bobby Pulido lovers?  What we know about this rumor

Were Javier Alatorre and Bobby Pulido lovers? What we know about this rumor


Every day we can witness strong rumors that circulate through social networks about romances, divorces or conspiracy shelves, but on this occasion it was the turn of Javier Alatorre and Bobby Pulido because they claim that they would have been a couple and would have had a Romancewhich would have come as a huge surprise to those who admire these great figures in the world of entertainment.

On the one hand, Alatorre is one of the most recognized journalists and hosts on Mexican television thanks to his newscast “Facts”which has accompanied viewers for several years to date, thus conquering the audience with its charisma and talent.

While Pulido is a singer well known for one of his greatest hits thanks to the song “Desvelado”, one of the great songs that continues to be played to this day, despite having been released in 1995 and who would now be involved in this controversy.

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What they say about the romance between Alatorre and Pulido

For a long time there have been several rumors and questions about Javier’s sexual preferences because he has even been linked to important personalities in the entertainment world such as Sergio Basañez, although he has preferred not to reveal beyond his private life.

But now these rumors about her supposed romance with Bobby emerged on social networks, mainly on

Many of the people who are giving their opinion about this new rumor claim that it is “old gossip”, because as we mentioned before, a lot has been said about Javier’s personal life, as well as his preferences, since on different occasions they have come out photographs of him with other men.

In the comments they also began to put the names of other political men with whom Javier Alatorre has been related, although he has never confirmed anything about his romantic relationships in the years that he has been in the public light.

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