The US asks Russia to remove “the gun from Ukraine’s head” to negotiate

Blinken called the Russian military presence on the border with Ukraine an immediate and urgent challenge for peace and security in Europe.

Blinken called the Russian military presence on the border with Ukraine an immediate and urgent challenge for peace and security in Europe.

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The United States assured that it will be difficult for it to make progress in its negotiations with Russia next week unless the Russian government takes measures that lead to a de-escalation of tension with Ukraine.

It will be very difficult to make progress in any of the areas in an atmosphere of escalation and threats, with a gun pointed at Ukraine’s head.“, Said the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, in a press conference with the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock.

It is important that we begin these conversations, but I believe that for them to bear fruit, to achieve real progress, a de-escalation will be required.“Added the head of US diplomacy.

If Russia is prepared to take action in that direction, “there are things that can be done relatively quickly” by both the United States and its allies in NATO. “To build more confidence and reduce some of the concerns that we have,” he said.

Blinken was referring to three dialogues with Russia in which the United States will participate next week, beginning with a bilateral security conversation in Geneva on January 10 between US Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and the Deputy Foreign Minister. Russian, Sergei Riabkov.

Two days later, on January 12, the NATO-Russia Council will be held in Brussels, and the following day another meeting sponsored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) will take place in Vienna.

It is expected that these talks will discuss the security guarantees that Moscow has requested in writing from the United States and NATO to reduce the current tension, and which centered part of last week’s phone call between US President Joe Biden, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Besides about Ukraine, The United States also wants to take advantage of these meetings to talk about arms control and about the alleged interference of Moscow in electoral processes in other countriesWhite House spokeswoman Jen Psaki explained at her daily press conference on Wednesday.

“Our talks will be pragmatic, results-oriented, and we believe there are areas where we can make progress if Moscow comes to the table prepared to do so,” stressed Psaki.

In recent weeks there has been an escalation of tensions due to fears of a possible Russian attack against Ukraine, which according to Ukrainian and American sources could take place in early 2022.

Russia has denied that it is preparing for an offensive and has stated that the West pays excessive attention to the movement of troops within Russian borders..

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