The US reveals that in Mexico the majority of crimes such as homicides, torture and kidnappings are not solved – La Opinion

The US reveals that in Mexico the majority of crimes such as homicides, torture and kidnappings are not solved – La Opinion


Levels of violence in Mexico are at an all-time high, and this is partly due to the lack of results when investigating crimes such as homicides, torture, human trafficking and kidnappings.

Likewise, there have been cases in which criminal organizations act in collusion with the authoritieswhich shows the degree of impunity and corruption that exists in the country.

This is revealed by Annual Human Rights Report (HR) prepared by the United States Department of State, which analyzes almost 200 countries.

In the section on Mexico, it is highlighted that the main problems in that country in humanitarian matters are mainly homicides, torture, arbitrary detentions, drug trafficking, gender violence and violence against the LGTBIQ+ community, among others.

“In Mexico there were no significant changes in the human rights situation in Mexico”says the report presented to the press by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The serious thing that the State Department emphasizes is that “some” of the complaints about human rights violations and their perpetrators “are investigated by the government, but only some are prosecuted and most complaints are neither investigated nor prosecuted”.

The document also points out serious problems of judicial independence, serious restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of the press, including violence against journalists.

“The discredit of journalists continues. Politicians, including President López Obrador who publicly discredits and criticizes journalistspresenting them as biased, partisan and corrupt,” adds the State Department report.

Finally, and with regard to the integrity of migrants, it is stated that international organizations and media reported cases of persecution of migrants and asylum seekers by criminal groups, and in some cases also by the police, immigration officials and customs agents.

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