Washington launches employment for Latinos with high school with a salary of 26 dollars an hour

Washington launches employment for Latinos with high school with a salary of 26 dollars an hour


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If you are reviewing job vacancies in Washingtonperhaps the one Solarity Credit Union has is the ideal one for you. Currently, this well-known bank is looking for a ‘Greeter’ (Public Relations Associate) to welcome its customers at the entrance counter, giving them an excellent first impression as soon as they enter, and helping to maintain the good reputation of the brand. For this position, the company offers a pay range of between $16.58 and $25.92 per hour, all depending on your skills, experience, and progress. If everything goes well, you could earn up to 1,037 dollars a week (about 17,638.27 Mexican pesos.) Below, we show you the requirements to apply:

Job requirements in Washington that pays $26 an hour

As a Greeter within Solarity Credit Union, you will play a key role in setting the welcoming tone for customers; who are looking for an empathetic and open voice for consulting. Through friendly and genuine interactions, the candidate who wins this employment vacancy in Washingtonwill create the first link in a solid relationship with potential account holders. Therefore, it is essential that you comply with the following requirements:

  • 100% bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English
  • High school certificate
  • Available to work certain rotation shifts on Saturdays
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Experience and taste for work related to customer service is desirable

Job Features in Washington That Pays $26 an Hour

If you think you meet the requirements mentioned above, you can apply for this employment vacancy in Washington through the SimplyHired portal. Good communication and listening are essential in this position; But in addition, mental agility is required to determine which department each client should go to according to their needs. Therefore, before thinking about applying, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the tasks that you will perform if you are hired:

  • Arrive five minutes before your shift to turn on the coffee machine and leave it working properly
  • Greet customers enthusiastically: stand, smile, and greet in a warm and genuine manner
  • Proactively create opportunities to engage efficiently with customers. In other words: ask the right questions to understand the reason for your visit
  • Ensure all customer needs are met: entering them into the appropriate line for help, supervising those who appear confused, asking those in the lobby if they are already being served, etc. Say goodbye to customers politely as soon as they leave the bank
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