They assure that Sebastián Yatra and Aitana Ocaña would be in romance

They assure that Sebastián Yatra and Aitana Ocaña would be in romance

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra.

Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra.

Photo: Sam Wasson/Getty Images

The gossip press spoke a few weeks ago of the existence of a possible sentimental relationship between Sebastian Yatra Y Aitana Ocana. Now, the Colombian singer and his Spanish colleague would have been seen red-handed between cuddles and kisses at a party in Madrid. With which, the rumors of their romance seem to have come true and they no longer bother to hide it.

The television program Socialité was in charge of confirming the brand new romance between the two singers, which occurs shortly after the Catalan artist ended her four-year relationship with the Iberian actor Miguel Bernadeau, with whom she shared the lead in the Disney+ series, ‘The last’.

According to the aforementioned television program, dedicated to the affairs of the heart of celebrities, Yatra and Aitana were seen in an attitude of mutual affection and with undeniable gestures of affection that go beyond mere friendship..

According to the messages they received on the television program, the singer of “Dos oruguitas” and the interpreter who shone in Spain’s Operación Triunfo “were together all night, kissing a lot, very goofy in front of everyone, showing their love”. The Socialité journalist, Giovanna González, meanwhile, reported that both left the disco together. “They left holding hands”, he assured.

The alleged affair that seems to be confirmed between Sebastián Yatra, 28, and Aitana Ocaña, 23, would have started last year in the studios of the singing reality show La Voz Kids, on Antena 3, where both had a role as judges.


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