They criticize the appearance of Myrka Dellanos: they tell her that she is “unrecognizable”

Myrka Dellanos

Myrka Dellanos

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Myrka Dellanos has been criticized for her appearance by followers of Telemundo and La Mesa Calientethe new show on the channel that she hosts alongside Giselle Blondet, Ver贸nica Bastos and Alix Aspe.

On the channel鈥檚 Instagram account, they published a photograph of Myrka Dellanos wearing a nice outfit, which they chose as her look that they liked the most this week.鈥3, 2 and 1 for the Myrka Dellanos outfit that we loved this week at @lamesaliente,鈥 Telemundo wrote.

However, in the comments of the publication, messages are read that speak of the physical appearance of the driver. They assure that she is 鈥渦nrecognizable鈥 and that 鈥渟he does not look like herself鈥.

These are some of the comments that can be read in Telemundo鈥檚 Instagram post: 鈥淪he is going the same way as her daughter surgery surgery she is nothing like Myrka Dellanos鈥, 鈥淓xcellent professional but she passed the filter, surgery or botox. She doesn鈥檛 even look like the one she was鈥, 鈥淪he doesn鈥檛 look like herself鈥, 鈥淣obody discusses her work. What happens is that she no longer looks like Myrka鈥, 鈥淪he was very pretty in her time, but her face was ruined鈥 and 鈥淪he doesn鈥檛 look like her, these women, because they don鈥檛 grow old, are transformed from her鈥 the followers of the channel and the program wrote.

So far this post has more than 4,463 likes and more than 170 comments.

A few days ago Adamari L贸pez visited La Mesa Caliente for the first time to talk with the four panelists. During the gathering, Myrka Dellanos asked the Puerto Rican about Toni Costa, her former partner, and about the relationship she has with Evelyn Beltr谩n:

鈥淚 wanted to ask you specifically about the new partner that he (Toni Costa) has. Although one no longer wants to be with a man, because it has happened to me, if that man immediately starts with another person, it seems like something that bothers me: 鈥渉ow did you feel?鈥 Dellanos asked him.

Adamari L贸pez smiled and replied: 鈥淥ur daughter must be watching the show and that鈥檚 all I have to say about it鈥ecause no one knows, nothing else.鈥

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