This is what Blanket ‘Bigi’, Michael Jackson’s son, looks like at 22 years old

This is what Blanket ‘Bigi’, Michael Jackson’s son, looks like at 22 years old


blanketis one of the three children of the greatest pop figure in the history of music, Michael Jacksonwho despite belonging to one of the most famous families in the industry and due to the legacy of his father, has managed to have a much more private life and away from the media eye compared to his brothers Paris and Prince, although now he is giving a lot to talk about again.

Bigias he is now known, has tried to keep a much lower profile for his 22 yearssomething very different from when he was younger or even as a baby, when he was exposed to the paparazzi cameras, well remember that the singer showed him through a balcony covering his face, which was quite controversial.

Recently, it was captured again taking a walk through the streets with his distinguished long hair that he has had since he was very little, in addition to being also captured at a party with his cousins, making a rare appearance with his family, since he does not usually do so.


The legal battle between Bigi Jackson and his grandmother

Now, Bigi Jackson is giving something to talk about after it became known that he began legal action against his grandmother, Katherine Jacksonwho served as his guardian after the death of the ‘King of Pop’ in 2009 and these are the reasons for this new battle.

The reason for this new battle between the members of the Jackson family is because of use of fundss of the inheritance of the “Thriller” performer whose objectives are to finance a lawsuit that for the young man will be a “failure” in his words and he wants to prevent his grandmother from continuing to use his father’s assets.

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This money from Michael has been used to pay the legal battles against the executors of Jackson’s trust, so at first, Bigi and his grandmother were together to challenge these decisions, as happened with the music catalog that was sold for 600 million dollars.

Despite this, the court ruled in favor of those who administer Jackson’s estate and Katherine decided to appeal but Bigi no longer wants to continue with this and now wants her grandmother to be restricted from using these funds so she wants reimbursement of the costs. legal and has requested a court order.

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