Tragedy shakes the program ‘Falling in love USA’;  This is the terrible news that the team experienced

Tragedy shakes the program ‘Falling in love USA’; This is the terrible news that the team experienced


The program “falling in love USES” is one of the most popular within the Hispanic community and although it is always about stories about romance, love, joy and a lot of fun, now things have changed radically, because they are in mourning and a great sadness They have shaken this reality show after a terrible news that has filled them with tears and what we will tell you here.

This sad news It was recently announced by the drivers Rafael Araneda and Ana Patricia Gámez It was reported that one of the participants suffered a painful loss that moved his colleagues, production, as well as the public.

It was last Friday, December 22, that they broke the terrible news in the middle of the program, where they had to make an important interruption to talk about what was happening with one of the lovers, it is about Emmanuel Calmowho suffered a regrettable loss.

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What happened to Emmanuel Calmo?

The participant announced that unfortunately his grandmother lost her life as he revealed while he burst into tears and Rafa and Ana did not hesitate to console him and hug him in these difficult times for him in love and they also paid tribute to the deceased woman.

The program paused to show their mourning and condolences while they remembered the grandmother with images with her grandson because she was very happy that he was participating in said program and her colleagues also joined in to show her affection. “I think it’s the most difficult thing to accept and how a cycle ends because she was the last grandmother she had,” said the contestant.

IG @emanuel_calmo

Likewise, Emmanuel took to his social networks to say goodbye to his grandmother with some beautiful and touching words: “I would have loved to take you on the plane with me and “fly into the blue” like the song you loved to sing, but it was not possible. But thanks to @enamorandonosusa @unimas @univision you have come so far, you have crossed the skies of the world Latin American”.

“You knocked on the doors of many families to greet them with your beautiful videos thanks to the production.
Seeing you on television how you looked at me from afar makes me very happy and here are some fragments of our last years together… I LOVE YOU NONNA, I LIVE IN ME,” he wrote.


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