Toni Costa responds to Adamari López’s statements after talking about the alleged reason that led them to separate

Toni Costa responds to Adamari López’s statements after talking about the alleged reason that led them to separate

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Last Friday Telemundo offered a special program to the audience that in recent years has been enjoying ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, and Adamari López was part of said transmission, although it only lasted 10 hours. Furthermore, everything was generated as part of what is to come this next Tuesday, January 17 during the third season.

The Puerto Rican took advantage of his stay to talk about some personal thingswhile several of his revelations became viral and the national and international press did not miss the opportunity to highlight it, and it is that despite the fact that he separated from Toni Costa much more than a year ago, they still seem to have differences in that issue.

The well-known actress for her role in the soap opera ‘Amigas y Rivales’ explained that it caused her discomfort that her ex-partner said in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ that they apparently they had separated based on the daughter they have in common.

Toni Costa defends himself

However, the Zumba instructor spoke on the Instagram social network, while clarifying what he said several months ago. In addition, he explained to those who follow him on the application that he would never say that his daughter would have been the reason for ending their love relationship.

“To get started I would never say that my daughter was the reason or the culprit for my separation because it wasn’t. We were in a conversation with several people in the kitchen and practically all the people agreed that this affects the couple and I was referring to that, that it is something that can affect and distance or cool down, ”she said.

Costa mentioned that it is completely “normal” that he does not remember that part of what he had apparently said during a meeting he had in the kitchen with the rest of the contestants on the reality show.

“It’s normal that I don’t remember what I supposedly said because I didn’t say that like that. If you understood me otherwise, I’m sorry, but my daughter is sacred and I wouldn’t blame her for something like that. Thanks to the people who see clearly what was really talked about, ”she continued to say.

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