Trevor Bauer and his performance with the Mexican Red Devils against the New York Yankees – La Opinion

Trevor Bauer and his performance with the Mexican Red Devils against the New York Yankees – La Opinion

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Trevor Bauer traveled to Mexico City to get uniform and defend the colors of the Red Devilsa team from the capital to face a series of exhibition games where they will be facing the legendary organization of the New York Yankees, where the former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher would have the chance to start the first game.

The Red Devils took the victory with a score of 4 runs to 3.

Bauer was able to pitch the first three innings of the game where he had a quite positive performance By not allowing any runs by the Yankees, he only received four hits, issued a couple of walks and managed to forcefully and categorically fan three New York men.

Good level demonstrated for Bauer

Expectations for this Trevor Bauer opening were quite high and they were met from start to finish.since the former big league demonstrated to continue having a high level of play, competitiveness and against a rival that, although it did not have all its stars such as Giancarlos Stanton, Anthony Volpe and the Venezuelans Oswaldo Cabrera and Gleyber Torres, was able to stand out with a solid intervention from the mound.

The main intention for Bauer to do a great and acceptable job in this opening against the Yankees New York was always about showing once again that he has what it takes to get a Major League contract and return to organized baseball in the United States sooner rather than later, after having been removed from it in 2022 when accused of domestic violence.

Robinson Canó punished his former team with authority

The former Dominican major league and also former New York Yankees player He was the main piece of the Aztec team’s offensive to seal the victory of the Devils in the first exhibition game between both organizations.

Aaron Boone, manager of the New York Yankeesmade it clear that the first game was defined by the great “Robinson Canó show.”

“The atmosphere in the stadium was a great experience because of the energy of the fans. Special, that makes baseball fun. What I can say about the game is that it was Robinson Canó’s show, very impressed, he gave a tremendous game,” he explained at the press conference after the New York Yankees’ defeat.

Great numbers for the Dominican

Canó was the spearhead of the Mexican Reds by hitting 3-for-4, in addition to having managed to hit a home run and produce two runs that led the Devils to victory at the end of the game.

The second match will take place this Monday

“Competing in another country means a lot for Mexico City and the Devils. It means a lot, not only in the historical aspect, but in what it contributes to the growth of the sport,” said Boone.

Robinson Canó affirms that he remembered old times with his hits

Canó felt quite good about his performance in the match, even more so for having achieved the victory with his new team, but he also had moments of nostalgia since at the time he lived the best years of his career as a Major League Baseball player, defending second base for the New York Yankees:

“It feels good to hit a home run in front of this fan base, that’s what gives you that extra bit when it comes to playing.” because I like to play for something. Today’s game brought back good memories for me. It will always be fun to play against the Yankees and see that shield on the field,” he explained after the Red Devils’ 4-3 victory over the Bronx Mules.

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