Two stars of MasterChef Celebrity México would have reached the brink of blows in the middle of the set

Two stars of MasterChef Celebrity México would have reached the brink of blows in the middle of the set


The famous program of “MasterChef Celebrity Mexico” and it seems that the problems are already present and of all kinds, since the magazine TV Notas announced through a close source that they have gone through various situations, such as the delay of recordings due to covid-19, clashes between stars and even certain divas who arrive late, which is why it has started with a lot of controversy.

Just two weeks after its premiere, many stars have already begun to give something to talk about and the cast is made up of figures such as Laura Bozzo, Itati Cantoral, M’Balia, Ferka, Raúl Sandoval, El Rey Grupero, Rafita Valderrama, Paco de Miguel, to mention a few.

In such a short time, some of the stars are already attracting attention for their character or behavior, such is the case of Laura Bozzo and Ferkawho have a certain reputation for not staying silent and always raising their voices when they don’t like something.


Laura Bozzo and Ferka face each other on MasterChef

The two stars would have already had confrontation because for “Miss Laura” there are things that she does not agree with and that would have caused the actress great annoyance, while behind the scenes, the Peruvian called her out for her complaints and that’s where it all started.

“It all started because Laura complains about everything. Thats the reality. Then Ferka, who doesn’t keep quiet either, started saying things to Laura and she got upset. All this within the same program. When leaving the forum, Laura approached Ferka and started yelling at him not to mess with her, that she is no one to tell him about things. And the other one did not remain silent and she also yelled at him.”


Both celebrities began to talk to each other and the hysteria began to grow more and more because the lawyer assured that she was afraid for her life, because according to the source, they were about to reach the hitsbut the production people would have arrived in time to stop them.

“They started shouting about everything. They didn’t stop being stupid and bad people. Laura began to scream hysterically, that she feared for her life and that she wanted security there. It was when we went in to separate them and asked for caution. They are mature women who should not be doing those tricks. It was quite a scandal,” she added.

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