Valkyrie Elysium Review

Valkyrie Elysium Review

Square Enix It is one of the companies that always manage an impressive quality of video games, some of which are very successful. This installment VALKYRIE ELYSIUM is a jewel in the catalog of the creators of FF.

Valkyrie Elysium
valkyrie elysium

On this occasion the guys from Square Enix bring us one more JRPG but not like the others hehe, since it is the successor to the mythical installment Vlkyrie profile.

It all begins when he introduces us to a valkyrie recently created by the father of all, that is, Odin who is now injured after a conflict with Fenrir due to ragnarok, this new valkyrie is created with the purpose of purifying lost souls, this being a way of deal with what happened.

This is where we see the birth of a new valkyria and the gameplay, since they present us with a tutorial that I personally do not find boring at all, since most of the recent installments give us tutorials that you get too bored of and want take action but of course they don’t let you until you complete it.

Velysium Ss01
Valkyrie Elysium Review

In this tutorial they show us that the Valkyrie is not alone since we can summon the Einherjar who are like spirits of the best fighters of the time.

Another of the most incredible things about this game is the skill tree since you can potentially raise the levels of the valkryia,

The history of the game for many can be brief and predictable, but I loved it since putting ourselves in the role of a new valkyria was to be expected to have other valkyries in this installment as SPOILER ALERT!!…. Hilde, who does not agree with the plan of the father of everything, making the valkirya the protagonist of this installment, gets angry and confused at the same time, since she is clear that the father of everything does not tell us the whole truth.

11 Deadly Suppression
Valkyrie Elysium Review

And as the story progresses and the forced relationship with the Einherjar you see the Valkyria’s bewilderment by her humanity, since she does not understand what human emotions are,

The battles in this installment are the best since they are fast, fluid and easy for those who have never touched a JPGR. [email protected] what if they have [email protected]since unlike its predecessor, which is a JPG in turns, this game gives us the freedom to massacre our enemies however we want without removing that essence of what VALKYRIE PROFILE is.

10 Nibelung Valesti
Valkyrie Elysium Review

As enemies are defeated, they drop gems that can be assigned to provide stat boosts, upgrade weapons, and unlock abilities, but that’s not all, they can also build up the Valkyrie’s soul gauge, clearly a concept from the first installment but this one modernizes it.

The game’s music is composed by series veteran and sensei Motoi Sakuraba, who is also known for his work on the Tales series, which clearly fans of any of the aforementioned series will instantly recognize his work, and his work on this game does not disappoint as it is amazing.


The themes are a horchata of emotions since they change from melancholic versions when you are walking or talking in this beautiful game to very aggressive versions of the same when you are in battles.

Better not even talk about the English dubbing because it’s rubbish because when the dialogues begin they don’t sync with the character’s lips, which for many is nothing but for others it is, but for God’s sake girls and girls it’s a game from SQ so yes or yes you have to play in Japanese.


In short, VALKYRIE ELYSIUM is an incredible installment that is extremely fun, a good story, excellent gameplay and one of the best designs in what I think is this valkyria waifu, this shows the great work that the developers did and we hope that like other installments this one also reaches Nintendo Switch, which I doubt but it is worth dreaming.

VALKYRIE ELISUM is available for Windows PC, PS4 & PS5.

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