Video: Chief of the United Cartels shaves a woman who dared to honk her horn

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The regional head of United Cartels (CU), better known as “the R-5“He was upset because a woman dared to argue with him and honked his horn, so he decided to punish her, took a machine and shaved her off. The events occurred in the Michoacan state, on the Mexican Pacific coast, and became known through a video that went viral on social networks, according to local media.

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Why was the R-5 angry?

According to witnesses, the vehicle in which the R-5 was traveling was obstructing access to a parking lot, in a neighborhood in the center of the town of Los Reyes, outside the Massimo Café & Internet business. This caused a woman who was driving a car to honk her horn to get them to move, but when there was no response, she got out of her unit and approached the other vehicle to demand that the motorist stop interfering. However, he never imagined that it was a drug dealer, who ordered his companions, including a subject known as El Mascarita, to subdue her, and once they did, he cut her hair.

In the video, which is 14 seconds long, it can be seen that one of the hitmen of United Cartels, who uses a mask that covers half of his face, holds a machine with which he cuts his hair, while threatening her not to make more scandal, all this happened before the gaze of several citizens who kept silent for fear of be humiliated and suffer the same fate as the victim.

How did the United Cartels come about?

United Cartels (CU) is a criminal organization that was born from a pact between the Tepalcatepec Cartel, the Viagras and others to face the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), It should be noted that they operate under a name that was previously used by other criminal cells in their battle against The Zetass.

In 2010, when the Mexican government declared war on drug trafficking and sent the Army to the streets, the then head of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), Ignacio Coronel, summoned the Gulf Cartel Y the Knights Templar to adopt the name of United Cartels and stop the advance of The Zetas.

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