VIDEO: Facundo is compared to Leonardo DiCaprio after revealing a photo of his youth with long hair

Facundo Mezcalent

The presenter and producer Facundo again left the public open-mouthed, although this time it was not thanks to some extreme activity for any of its programs, but to his incredible resemblance to Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, during the 90鈥檚. Here we tell you the details!

It was last Friday when the Incognito driver opened the trunk of memories and published an unpublished video of its beginnings on television in 1998 through his YouTube channel, when he was part of the 鈥淐havoz鈥 program on the Telehit network.

鈥淲hen I had hair and gave the horoscope鈥wrote Facundo to accompany the 30-second audiovisual where the comedian can be seen in a blue robe, blonde hair reaching to his forehead and absolute seriousness as he shares his astrological predictions.

Within his predictions, Facundo uses his characteristic style of humor to give the section a different touch: 鈥淧isces, be careful, they鈥檙e lowering your girlfriend. Leo, don鈥檛 eat any more garnachas, chorrillo isn鈥檛 because you have bugs, it鈥檚 because you always go to the same cakes鈥, He is heard saying in the popular clip.

It wasn鈥檛 long before the host of 鈥淪hift鈥 was the target of comments about his appearance when he was youngespecially since at that time she had long blonde hair.

This earned him to be compared to the Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, as users assured that he kept a look very similar to when the actor gave life to 鈥淛ack鈥 for the Titanic movie: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the competition of Leonardo DiCaprio鈥noted a netizen. Check the video here!

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