Video: Mariachi falls into the pool in full serenade;  goes viral – 24 Hours

Video: Mariachi falls into the pool in full serenade; goes viral – 24 Hours

A clip that captured the “embarrassment” and funny moment who starred in a mariachi in full serenade after falling into the pool.

Through TikTok, Cecilia Avilés (@ceciliaaviles07) shared a clip that captured the incident that a mariachi suffered while giving a serenade during a particular event; It went viral.

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In the 30-second video that is accompanied by the description “My first job”, you can see how the mariachis enter the house where they were going to give the serenade, when suddenly one of the members took a wrong step and ended up in the house. swimming pool that was on site.

Faced with the embarrassing situation, the other mariachis continued singing “Las Mañanitas” for a young woman on the occasion of her birthday, although there were some who could not contain their laughter when they saw their partner in the water.

Likewise, the party and a companion couldn’t contain their laughter, while a young man—presumably the birthday girl’s boyfriend—helped the musician get out of the water, while holding a bouquet of flowers with his other hand.

As expected, the incident that allegedly took place in Guerrero quickly went viral, as it has reached 19 million views, 1 million 700 thousand likes and various comments in which Internet users, on the one hand, were sorry for the mariachi and his instrument, a violin, because that would have been damaged by the water, while others only unleashed ridicule.

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“The groom: I want a good show, the mariachis: say no more.”

“The crazy mariachi wants to swim”

“The most expensive serenade in life, we had to pay for the singing and the new violin.”

“Above all, professionals did not stop singing even if they were laughing their asses off, haha.”

“Poor guy, it made me laugh, but then I thought about his instrument and how he got completely wet.”

@ceciliaaviles07 Part 2, hey cooperence for your new violin 😞 #content #marichi #myfirstchamba ♬ original sound – B. Cecilia


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