VIDEO: Tourist praises the CDMX Metro over that of New York

VIDEO: Tourist praises the CDMX Metro over that of New York

Through a video that has gone viral on TikTok, a tourist praised the functions of the Mexico City Metro (CDMX) and even remarked that it gives “1000 laps” to the New York subway.

The influencer known as @elviajederita decided to review the CDMX Metro Collective Transportation Service and in this way corroborate what her followers were already telling her about said public transportation.

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With clips of what it was like for her to travel in the subway cars, the TikToker began by showing the influx of people during rush hours in the capital and later shows her boarding and taking a seat in the car.

The content creator praised the cleanliness of the stations and stressed that in her experience she did not see “crazies” wandering around the service or rats on the platforms.

Afterwards, the girl emphasized that she was pleased to see that at all stations there are security authorities that provide a safe environment, along with the exclusive carriages for women in the front of the “Orange Limousine.”

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That was not all because the young woman was really looking to give a complete inspection and that is why she ended up in the last cars of the subway late at night, to which she referred to the fact that it could be scarier than the horror stories that are told. .

“It is known as the happy meal, the locals already know why,” said Rita.

To end her video, the tourist mentioned that the price of $5 pesos is unbeatable for a service like the one provided by the CDMX Metro, since giving the approximate price of 28 cents on the dollar, she noted that it puts it above the New York system .


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