VIDEO: Trailer overturns on patrol in South Carolina and police miraculously survive

Authorities are investigating the causes of the accident, where no fatalities were reported.

Authorities are investigating the causes of the accident, where no fatalities were reported.

Photo: GEOFF CADDICK/AFP/Getty Images

Miracles sometimes happen where they are least expected. As shown by an accident on a bridge in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, where a trailer lost its balance and the container it was transporting fell.

An officer was helping a disabled vehicle on the Wando River bridge and suddenly, a huge truck flips over the patrol car with the policeman inside, who was not injured

The moment, in itself terrifying, was captured by another motorist, where it is observed how the heavy unit suddenly loses control and the structure falls on the cars parked on the side of the road.

One of the victims of the accident was a Charleston police patrol, which stopped to help a driver, however, it took only a second for the container to crush the official car.

The moment was released by the Mount Pleasant Police Department, captured on an officer鈥檚 car camera, which shows the moment when the container falls from the truck, crushes the police vehicle and falls into the Wando River.

Miraculously, the policeman who was inside miraculously saved his life, according to reports, with minimal blows.

miraculous background

On February 17, in an event full of fortune, in an event in Denver, Colorado, a patrol stops a sedan-type car, but everything ends in a serious accident.

The car stops in the left lane of Interstate 25, after the patrol gets out an agent who approaches the vehicle.

The policeman talks to the driver and returns to his patrol, seconds later a minivan-type car crashes into the rear of the sedan and pushes it a few meters. The agent runs to the vehicles to check the status of the passengers.

Despite the impact, the drivers and crew of both cars had only minor injuries.

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