What are the cooking ingredients that plant experts use for their growth?

What are the cooking ingredients that plant experts use for their growth?

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If you like floors and you are a lover of them, you know perfectly well that one of the most important things is to know what the appropriate care is and provide them with quality time, since in this way we can keep them in good condition and make them grow strong and healthy without them suffering from any type of disease or pest or beginning to wither.

Likewise, among the most basic things that we can give to our indoor and outdoor plants is the care of the amount of water Well, it should not be too much or too little according to its species, as well as giving it the correct shade and natural light so that it maintains humidity but also does not burn its leaves.

While another of the most basic but necessary things that we must give our plant are nutrients through homemade fertilizers And what better than making them ourselves to save a lot of money and also know that it is an organic and totally natural product.


How to Make Homemade Plant Compost with the Best Food Nutrients

If you want your plants to look good and continue to grow healthily, you must follow the expert advicesince for them one of the most important points are fertilizers, since they are elements for health and today we will give you the best tips to make one according to the YouTube channel “El de lasplantes”.

The ingredients To make this homemade fertilizer they are very simple, since it is what we throw away from our food, such as grains or coffee grounds, banana, egg and potato peels, which are usually used a lot, but now we will put them together to multiply the properties, so don’t forget to keep your trash.


With the help of these nutrients and minerals, we will be able to give everything necessary to the plants through the earth and the soil, since some of the things that we will provide are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, to mention a few, which will help us make the plants flourish and grow full of health.

You will only have to gather all these ingredients and put them in a container to dry in the sun for 10 days. In this way we will dehydrate them and when this time passes, we will be able to blend them all until we obtain a fine powder and finally place them on top of the soil. until it completely covers the plant and you will see incredible results.

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