What did Nicandro Díaz, soap opera producer, die at the age of 60, TODAY March 18, 2024?

What did Nicandro Díaz, soap opera producer, die at the age of 60, TODAY March 18, 2024?



The producer Nicandro Diaz González died very suddenly this Monday, March 18, 2024. She was the journalist and host Andrea Legarreta who confirmed the death through social networks, as well as through the morning program ‘Hoy.’ The work of Nicandro Diaz González was key to Mexican television for many decades. He was responsible for productions of TV soaps as memorable as ‘Carita de Ángel’ and ‘Destilando Amor’

What did producer Nicandro Díaz die from on March 18?

After numerous questions, it was confirmed that the producer Nicandro Diaz González was hospitalized after a jet ski accident in Cozumel, an island located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. In fact, the first reports regarding this unfortunate event indicate that blood units were first requested for the producer, who was initially treated by paramedics and taken to Costamed Hospital. Unfortunately, his injuries turned out to be too serious.

Famous actors and television personalities say goodbye to Nicandro Díaz

Due to the important work of Nicandro Diaz González for almost 30 years in Televisa soap operas, his name and legacy are very well remembered by Mexican celebrities. And the late producer, he was a key figure for the famous segment ‘Televisa Niños,’ a programming bar that included acclaimed TV soaps children’s films in which he served as executive producer: ‘Gotita de Amor, ‘Carita de Ángel’ and ‘Vivan Los Niño’, the latter being a memorable remake of the telenovela ‘Carrusel.’ Thus, it is not surprising that numerous celebrities expressed their sadness through social networks. Below, we show you those who most regretted their death:

Although Nicandro Diaz González was a pioneer regarding children’s soap operas; He was also responsible for productions aimed at a traditionally adult audience. In fact, at the end of his behind-the-scenes role in ‘Vivan Los Ninos,’ he enchanted the audience of the “Caja Chica” thanks to soap operas such as ‘Against wind and tide’, ‘Destilando amor’, ‘Tomorrow is forever’, ‘ I am your owner’, and ‘True Loves’.

Broadly speaking, it could be said that the producer Nicandro Diaz González saw the debut and growth of great actors and actresses of our days. Her last job prior to her unfortunate death This March 18, 2024, was the soap opera ‘Stroke of luck;’ a work for TelevisaUnivisión released in 2023, and starring Mayrín Villanueva, Eduardo Yáñez, Eva Cedeño, and Maya Mishalska as the main antagonist.

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