What do you need first: a passport or an American VISA to travel to the US?

What do you need first: a passport or an American VISA to travel to the US?


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Vacations are one of the best opportunities that people have to be able to get out of vacation or meet with the family they have in USAbut it is important that you know that entering this country It is not an entirely easy task, because below we are going to tell you what the first document that you must have in your hand if you want travel to this North American country: lto American visa or Mexican passport.

It is important to mention that although both are documents of Vital importanceyou must make an order in which you must do the application of both, because if not, it may be that one of them will cause you more complications, since on the one hand, we have the passport itself, which is defined as the procedure with international validity issued by the authorities from their respective country, which certifies a permit or authorization legal for you to leave or enter it.

While the American visa is a document that some nations request, in this case USAso that people can enter their territory, since in addition with this the immigration authorities have greater control of the time they have left within their territory. country, and without a doubt, it is already public knowledge that the process is somewhat intimidating, and even takes time, since waiting times have become years due to the high demand for requests.

Be careful, it is very important to mention that some people do not venture to buy their entire journey, which includes plane tickets, lodging, and even some attractions if you have first obtained these two documents, but even if you do, that does not give you the guarantee that they will extend, for example, the American visa, and this is the order in which you should take said documentation, so take note, because this will interest you.

Because I don’t have a passport, am I denied an American visa?

Be careful, according to the requirements in the official website of the United States Embassy It is said that in order to complete the process of American visayou must already have your passport from the country of origin you come from, since this is your official and international identification with which you are recognized throughout the world, reasons why it is first of all to have the second document that we just mentioned in your hands.

This document is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE)and its costs vary depending on the duration of the same, since in the case of Mexico, there are some formats that range from three as a minimum and up to 10 as a maximum, and without a doubt this is the first one that you must process to be able to access your American visa, so check which ones with the prices for this one 2024 and the requirements you must meet to obtain it.


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