What does ‘macumba’ mean, the term that has generated a stir in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?  – The NY Journal

What does ‘macumba’ mean, the term that has generated a stir in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’? – The NY Journal

La Casa de los Famosos 4

In ‘The House of Famous People 4’ They have used the term ‘macumba’ on several occasions, which for some has been curious, since they do not know its meaning and that is why they have searched on the internet.

This word has been used, above all, with Maripily Rivera, who has been characterized by several discussions with inhabitants of the Telemundo reality show.

But do you know what this word means? Specifically, it refers to “black magic,” something that many viewers have not liked, as they consider it offensive.

Some former participants have also given their opinion on the matter, such as Samira Jalil, who spoke about this situation in her X account. “I don’t like that they call Maripily macumba… and even less so Molasses. What a shame”.

“No one should do it, Geraldine also told him when she was talking to Alana who was dyeing her hair. Super bad there”, “They have been calling her that all the time, but no panelist denounces it and La Jefa we don’t even talk about it because they edit a thousand nice things about the participants, but not this, it’s so sad,” some wrote in X.

Others stated: “First panelist to say it and they have been calling her that for months. If it were her who called someone else that, they would have already done a show on the program, but since it’s her, they take a long view”, “I’m glad that finally one of you comments on this. “It’s been going on for several weeks, they show the clips at the galas and no one says anything to reproach such an act of racism.”

Was the nickname macumba started by Alfredo Adame?

The Mexican actor, in a recent live, talked about the reasons why he calls Maripily Rivera that way.

“Do you know why I named it macumba? Do you remember Verónica Castro’s song ‘macumba, macumba’? Because it’s like the Rarotonga story, it’s the woman on an island who, with her beauty, her physique, bewitched the sailors and all that stuff… Because Maripily has something that other people don’t have: she has personality, charisma,” he claimed.

With this, the veteran artist makes it clear that there is no bad intention behind his nickname for the Puerto Rican, but there are those who have not been satisfied with his explanation.

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