What happened to Ricardo Martínez, lover of Selena Quintanilla and how does he see himself in 2024?  |  PHOTOS

What happened to Ricardo Martínez, lover of Selena Quintanilla and how does he see himself in 2024? | PHOTOS


For years it has been speculated that Selena Quintanilla really She was not happy with her husband Chris Pérez and that is why she was unfaithful with another man, whom she met in the last years of her life. It was Yolanda Saldívar who made this shocking revelation some time ago and spoke again about the subject in the documentary that was just released by the Oxygen channel; According to Saldívar, Ricardo Martinez was lover of the queen of Tex Mex and she was madly in love. What happened to Ricardo and how does he see himself in 2024? We share the photos with you.

Over the years, the history of Selena Quintanilla It has been told in film and television: it tells of the natural talent that she showed as a child, how she grew up with Selena and Los Dinos in the music industry and the moment in which she achieved fame and even a Grammy. But also, her love life has caused a lot of interest among fans; Her romance and marriage to Chris Pérez garners attention for how it came about and how it ended.

Especially because some time after Selena’s tragic death, it came to light that the singer had a lover and that she was very in love with him, but she no longer knew what to do with her marriage to Chris Pérez. The only one who knew about this alleged extramarital relationship was Yolanda Saldívar, who recently told how the music star met the surgeon. Ricardo Martinez.

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“Somehow she told me that her father (Abraham Quintanilla) introduced her to the doctor (Ricardo Martinez),” said Saldívar in the documentary Selena & Yolanda: The Secrets Between Them. In fact, it is known that the surgeon was the last person the queen of Tex Mex spoke to on the phone, minutes before meeting Yolanda at the hotel. Days Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas; Selena I would have called Ricardo, but he couldn’t answer because he was operating on a patient. Now, almost 30 years after the death of the “Amor Prohibido” singer, this is what her alleged appearance looks like. lover and what he is dedicated to in 2024.

This is what Ricardo Martínez, Selena’s alleged lover, currently looks like in 2024 | PHOTOS

Ricardo Martinez is a Brazilian plastic surgeon who met Selena Quintanilla in the decade of the 90s, in one of the concerts that the singer offered in Monterrey. At that time, the man was married and had 3 daughters, whom he took to see the artist in the VIP area, where they took advantage of her to ask for an autograph. After seeing each other that day, they begin to establish contact and before long she becomes her patient; According to Yolanda Saldívar, Selena told him that it was love at first sight and revealed that they were planning to run away.

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In 2012, Ricardo Martinez He broke the silence and spoke with the media Primer Impacto, an interview in which he said that he offered the singer something that she did not have in her marriage and that was “maturity” and being able to trust a person outside her environment. What happened to the assumption lover of Selena Quintanilla? The doctor continued his profession as a plastic surgeon in Monterrey and also dedicated himself to investments.

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Currently, his exact whereabouts are unknown, since after giving that controversial interview, he moved away from the spotlight and preferred to keep a low profile. The statements she made Ricardo Martinez in 2012 with what Yolanda Saldívar recently revealed makes us think that really Selena Quintanilla yes he had a forbidden love and a lover in the last years of his life. So far, the star’s family has not commented on the matter.

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