Which states in Mexico have two consulates to process the American VISA?

Which states in Mexico have two consulates to process the American VISA?

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The process of American visa is very requested in Mexico and although there are 10 headquarters recognized as consulates of USA In Mexico, the reality is that the demand for applications is so great that sometimes they cannot cope, which is why the agenda to find an appointment for an American visa interview is always full, so some people must wait even a little longer. one year to be able to carry out the procedure.

At the time of making the corresponding request, a menu is displayed with the different locations of each of the consular offices of USA In Mexico, as an applicant to obtain the document you will be able to select the one that is the best option for you, the procedure is totally valid even if you carry it out in a city different from where you live, as long as the procedure is carried out within Mexican territory your document is totally valid.

The cost is also the same in all consular offices in the country, currently the price of an visa for a tourist is 185 dollars, on the other hand, the interview will also be similar in each of the consulates, the criteria to approve or deny the visa are similar and will depend entirely on the immigration officer, in the same way the documents that are required to The request are the same in all locations.

This state of Mexico has 2 American consulates

Sonora is the border state that has two consular offices where various procedures can be carried out. American visathe offices of the immigration authorities are located in Nogales and Hermosillo, respectively. Another state of the Mexican Republic that has two consular offices to make requests to the US immigration authorities is Tamaulipas, the offices are located in Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros.

This is the waiting time to carry out the interview American visa in the consular offices of these states: Nuevo Laredo – 690 days, Matamoros – 700 days, Nogales – 739 days and Hermosillo – 729 days of waiting. Remember that if it is convenient for you to process your American visa In one of these consular offices you can do it, you will only have to appear at the city you select on the date you choose to carry out your procedure.

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