Who is Carlos Gómez, the one expelled from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?  – The NY Journal

Who is Carlos Gómez, the one expelled from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’? – The NY Journal

La Casa de los Famosos 5

The week started with everything in ‘The House of Famous People 4’ because Carlos Gomez He was expelled from the reality show on the Telemundo television network.

After intense positioning and the pressure of elimination, the reality show experienced one of the strongest moments of all the seasons, because the former player attacked Rodrigo Romeh in the middle of a fight with Clovis Nienow, who has become one of the most controversial.

But, what is known about Carlos Gómez, the one expelled from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’?

He is a Venezuelan who was born on December 4, 1985 and had a brief career as a baseball player in the United States.

Some teams he played for were the New York Mets, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers.

However, he later dedicated himself to participating in reality shows like ‘Exatlón’, in which the public was able to learn a little about his personality.

On his social networks he also claims that he is a fitness expert and has advised several figures on the small screen.

On his Instagram account, for example, the former resident of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ has nearly 120,000 followers, a sign of the large number of people who are attentive to his work.

During the competition, “El Cañón”, as he is also known, strongly defended his fourth water and had run-ins with several participants from the fourth Earth, such as Maripily Rivera, Lupillo Rivera and La Divaza.

This Sunday’s lack of control earned the Venezuelan his expulsion from the competition, thus leaving him without the chance to compete for the $200,000 prize.

‘La Jefa’, the main thread of the program, shared with the public the reasons for the resident’s departure and asked for a stop to this type of attitude.

“Last night there was an episode of physical contact. As everyone knows, even before entering the house, in this competition it is unacceptable, this type of situation is strictly prohibited. For this reason, I was forced to sanction Carlos Gómez with the definitive expulsion from the competition. I hope that everyone becomes aware of the seriousness of the case, of the limit that was crossed tonight and that of course should not be repeated. I insist: it was no longer a heated discussion, there were no differences between groups, or personal disputes. There was intentional physical contact, and there is no return from that. I hope this is a learning experience and a stop to an escalation of verbal violence, which does not benefit you as public figures in the slightest and is very far from the spirit that I want in my house, where I seek a harmonious coexistence. and respect,” he commented.

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