Who is R’Bonney Gabriel?  The new Miss Universe 2022

Who is R’Bonney Gabriel? The new Miss Universe 2022

The Miss Universe organization already has a new representative.

The Miss Universe organization already has a new representative.

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On January 14, 2023, one of the most important events was held where they end up choosing a woman to represent the organization for a year, the one chosen by the jury is not only done for her beauty, but also for the answers they give in the round of questions Thus, R’Bonney Gabriel, who led the Miss USA sash, was crowned the new Miss Universe 2022.

The top three was made up of the Dominican Republic, who was left as second runner-up (Andreina Martínez), Venezuela (Amanda Dudamel) as the first and USA, the great winner of the night in a beauty pageant that, without a doubt, every year ends up paralyzing the world to support her favorite.

“This is a contest with a trans owner for all women for inclusion, to do good and for humanity”, was the message sent by the new owner of the contest, Anne Jakrajutatip.

Who is the new representative of Miss Universe?

R’Bonney Gabriel is the first woman of Filipino origin with the band from the USA in having managed to be recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world, who also he is 28 years old. His mother Dana Walker was born in the United States, while his father Remigio Bonzon “R. Bon” Gabriel hails from the Philippines.

The new representative of universal beauty managed to leave in her country a crown worth $5.3 million dollars, which is also made up of almost a thousand precious stones and a 45.14 carat sapphire, which makes it the most expensive to date.

Gabriel by profession is a fashion designer, sewing teacher and also a model. She studied at the University of North Texas and ends up being a woman who wants to impart the love and culture of the place where she was born.

The winner of the contest even has been part of the cover of the magazine Vogue from the Philippine edition. In addition, he has a fashion firm called R’Bonney Bola, which was later grouped with Magpies & Peacocks.

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