Why should I have a blank page in my passport when applying for an American visa?

Why should I have a blank page in my passport when applying for an American visa?

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He passport It is the essential document that you must process and have with you at the time you decide to process your American visathis identification will accredit you as a Mexican citizen abroad and can be of great help in case you need consular assistance during your stay in another country. Furthermore, the passport is the document in which the date of your entry and exit from the country you visit will be recorded.

There are countries that stamp more than one page when registering both your entry and exit from their territory, this action reduces the space available in the passport to record the visits you plan to make in the future to other foreign nations. Some countries check not only the pages that are free in your passport, they can also see which nations you have visited.

By having several pages of the passport with different registration seals, in case there is no space available it is likely that some nations will not allow you entry into their territory, although this measure may sound a bit extreme, it is true. Each page of the passport can fit between 4 and 6 admission or exit stamps, however, if you wish to process your American visa You must take into account the space you have available in your passport.

Make sure you have a blank page in your passport if you travel to the United States

If you are going to take a trip to Canada or USA You should make sure you have a Blank sheet in your passport, in case you no longer have the necessary space for the agents in charge of stamping your passport to place the stamp, it is better that you consider processing a new passport before registering your visa procedure.American isa or take with you the passport old and the new.

In case the passport where you have the American visa is filled out, you must travel with both passports to be able to access the United States territory, the same will happen if your American visa is valid but the passport is no longer, in case of making a trip to USA You must present the expired document with the valid visa and the new passport to prove that your visa is valid.

The stamp system may vary from one country to another, some nations do not consider it necessary to fill the stamps with stamps. passports of travelers, some nations, especially in Europe, such as Germany, Spain and France, only stamp the passport upon entry and again upon exit. If you want to travel now, you passport There is not much space left. Get proper advice to avoid your entry to the country being denied.

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