La Opinion Today: Neymar, out of the Copa América – La Opinion

La Opinion Today: Neymar, out of the Copa América – La Opinion

This is a new issue of “Opinion Today”this year’s summer will be full of first-class sporting events and the most important on the American continent will undoubtedly be the Copa América where Argentina will seek to confirm its title, this time in American territories.

The bad news that just became official yesterday was thate Neymar, the great star of the Brazilian team, will not be able to be part of it to stand up to Leo Messi, his great friend and rival.

Last October, the Al Hilal footballer from Saudi Arabia tore the cruciate ligaments in his knee and required surgery. Since then, he has been inactive. It was expected that he would be ready to support the Canarinha in the middle of this year in this tournament, but his recovery She is slow and will not be able to play the most important tournament of the year.

In a press conference Rodrigo Lasmar, doctor of the green and yellow team, gave the final verdict on the short-term future of the attacker and confirmed that he will not be in the Copa América and that He is expected to return to the pitch between 9 and 10 months from now.That is, thinking more about the finals of this year, this would also leave him out of the South American qualifying matches towards the World Cup in the second half of 2024.

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The consulate general of Mexico in Tucson, Arizona, announced the recovery of 13 archaeological pieces through voluntary restitution made by a US citizenaccording to a joint statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, assured that The archaeological pieces correspond to cultures of the central highlands and were made during the classical and postclassic Mesoamerican periods.

Among the featured pieces are elements of the Teotihuacan style such as the miniature mask and fragments of anthropomorphic figurines, as well as another Mexica-style figure representing a female character, a bead necklace, a bifacial knife and a pair of winches are also included.

The objects considered archaeological monuments of the Mexican nation were delivered to the consulate by American citizen Julie Qashu in order to be protected to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Mexico.

The Pyramid of the Moon, left, and the Pyramid of the Sun, back right, are seen along with smaller structures lining the Avenue of the Dead, in Teotihuacan, Mexico, on March 19, 2020. The Background World Monuments has included Teotihuacán in its World Monuments Watch 2022, a selection of 25 heritage sites that face challenges such as climate change or unbalanced tourism. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell, File)

In coordination with the aforementioned Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the transfer of the pieces to Mexico City by diplomatic bag was organized to guarantee their integrity upon return to the country.

This voluntary return reflects an important change in the position of archaeological and historical pieces, demonstrating respect for cultural heritage and strengthening ties between both nations.

Thumbs up to Julie Qashu for this initiative and I hope that more private collectors will be infected and consider the restitution of pieces for study, conservation and dissemination in their respective places of origin.

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