The infallible TRICK that eliminates DARK CIRCLES with homemade ingredients

The infallible TRICK that eliminates DARK CIRCLES with homemade ingredients

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In matter of baggy eyesthere are no easy conclusions: they are genetic, or a product of inadequate rest, or a result of aging; or, all of the above. Eliminating them is not easy, and for this reason, there is a tendency to think that the solution is limited to outpatient processes of inflammation and/or depigmentation. And although this is possible thanks to certified dermatologists, they are procedures that can be very expensive, and in general, their results are NOT irreversible. Therefore, it is much better to have a Home remedy recurrent.

The remedy in question will be made from inexpensive and very everyday ingredients in your pantry. And the issue with the baggy eyes It is divided into two main problems: marked discoloration and inflammation. Yours may have both or only one of them, but regardless of what the main conflict is, the remedy that we will recommend will help you combat the problem. aging that produces its appearance.

The 2 homemade ingredients that will help you eliminate dark circles

To reduce inflammation, you will need chamomile tea; while to manage the dark coloration of the baggy eyescabbage or spinach leaves will work (either of the two will do.) The secret of the ingredients is in their usual properties, but in particular, it is known that both cabbage and lettuce are rich in vitamin K, which Not only does it enhance the anti-inflammatory qualities of chamomile, but it also helps to clarify the greenish and purple tones of the skin. baggy eyes. To get the perfect home remedy, follow the following steps:

  • First of all, boil water in a small pot until bubbles appear.
  • Dismantle the chamomile tea and the leaves of your cabbage or spinach.
  • Then, lower the heat a little and pour the ingredients into the water.
  • Mix until the water changes color and until the particles of both ingredients shrink or decrease.
  • Once this happens, remove the remnants with the help of a strainer.
  • Then pour the water with the diluted ingredients into a container that you can close and put in the refrigerator. Let the mixture rest for 24 hours

Ready, once the indicated time passes, you will have the perfect solution for your baggy eyes. All you have to do is soak a couple of pads in the formula, and then place them on top of your baggy eyes for about 20 minutes each day. For best results, do this practice when you are completely resting; You have to be very consistent to start seeing results with this home remediesbut you will be able to notice them after the first seven days have passed.

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