Will Pamela Silva have a Primer Impacto wedding?  – The NY Journal

Will Pamela Silva have a Primer Impacto wedding? – The NY Journal

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During the opening of the Cidra restaurant owned by the husband of his partner Michelle Galván, Pamela Silva He couldn’t stop carrying the baby of Lili Estefan’s brother, Juan Emilio Estefan. The presenter of “Primer Impacto” assures what she is obsessed with and makes her want to have more children. And wedding? Yeah.

“I’m obsessed with Lili’s niece. I have told the mother, Oli, that right now I think she is the most famous Estefan in the world because she is a doll. Her name is Siena and she fills me with great enthusiasm. “Every time I carry a girl, it makes me want to have another baby.”

Do you want to have another one?
I would love to have another baby, well I’m kind of racing against the clock, but I would love to have a girl.

The proud mother of Ford, who turns 4, says that the little one surprises her every day. “He has some very funny ideas and he always keeps me very active and attentive. And the truth is that I really enjoy it, I laugh a lot with it!”

The communicator also added: “Now he is my companion, every time I pick him up from school he tells me: Mom! Yesterday he told me: ‘Mom, you are my best friend!'”

Will you get married again one day?
I think I would love to get married again. The ceremony fills me with great excitement, a wedding again. I believe in marriage. I would like that. But hey, until it’s official official official, then I’m not going to share it. But yes, the truth is that I am very happy.

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