With AI from Biden to Macron they remove the prohibited ones with “Bailando Bachata” by Chayanne – 24 Horas

With AI from Biden to Macron they remove the prohibited ones with “Bailando Bachata” by Chayanne – 24 Horas

On social networks a video that shows from the president of the United States, Joe Biden even the president of France, Emmanuel Macronbringing out the forbidden ones with the topic “Dancing bachata” of Chayanne.

On October 27, 2023, the Puerto Rican singer and “Dad of America”, Chayanne, released his twentieth studio album titled “Bailemos otra vez”, which marked his triumphant return after 9 years away from the music industry.

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This album is made up of nine songs, which, although they mark a new sonic facet, keep intact the essence of the singer who has become the Latin artist with more than 50 million albums sold.

Among the songs that range from tropical music, rancheras and classic ballads, which address themes about love and heartbreak, are: Te Amo Y Punto; Again; I need a second; The key; Like you and me; Both; Live Beautiful; It stayed with me and Dancing Bachata.

This last song has been one of the fans’ favorites, so much so that trends have been recreated to learn how to dance to this romantic song.

However, it also reached the hands of some presidents, both from the US, France and even China.

In a clip that Gladys S. García shared on Instagram, you can see Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, King Charles III, among others, dancing in a very sensual way with their respective partners.

While, in the background, they are accompanied by red and pink heart balloons, as well as bouquets of roses and signs with the phrases “love”, Dances, “love you” and Valentine’s Day, just when the verse plays:

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“My luck, that I can see you when I wake up every day and, when I travel, if I miss you, I have your photograph in my wallet… I don’t know what it is about your eyes, your lips, your skin. May this honeymoon never end. We are the cup and the wine… You and I have been together since we saw each other. We go up, we go down, we cry, we laugh.”

But something to highlight is that this occurred thanks to the ingenuity of some Internet user who turned to AI, to make this possible and bring together different leaders from various countries to show how they would look dancing to this type of music. And possibly, in reference to February 14, day of love and friendship.


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