Woman sets her ex-husband on fire as revenge for losing custody of their children

Obi suffered severe burns to 90 percent of his body, leading to his death in hospital.

Obi suffered severe burns to 90 percent of his body, leading to his death in hospital.


Sarah Mudge broke into the house of her ex-partner, Stanley Obi, in New Beith, south of Brisbane, Australia and set the room on fire while he and their three children slept.. The reason is because she lost custody

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, The aggressor entered the room where the couple was sleeping, along with his girlfriend, poured gasoline on them and set them on fire. This after the previous day in a court the total custody for Obi of 3 of his 4 children that he had with Mudge was determined.

Mudge was unable to escape the flames before they engulfed the house. However, his girlfriend had better luck and she managed to get out alive along with the minors. Sarah did not survive either.

According to the investigations, four months before the attack, Mudge wrote on Facebook that he would never take his own life and that he would never take it from his children and insisted that Internet users point out Obi in case something happened to her or her children; the post worried users.

鈥淚t is not an accident. I will not commit suicide with my children, or whatever it is that I do. Is he. It will be him,鈥 Sara said.

In another publication that the woman made, she spoke about her constant battle for the custody of her three children and emphasized that the authorities told her to hand them over to the one she called 鈥渙ur abuser.鈥

according to local mediain 2017 Mudge and Obi had an affair during Christmas night which ended in his first pregnancy with the woman.

According to testimonies, Stanley sought to start a life next to Sara, however, the relationship fractured when the woman revealed that she wanted to have 6 more children.

鈥淪tanley refused to have eight children, stating that she would not have children she could not afford to support, and refused to bring children into the world to raise on welfare,鈥 argued one of her friends.

After this response, Mudge gave her the option to leave the relationship because she would seek to become pregnant again with another man.

The couple were separated, and had previously applied for domestic violence orders against each other, while police confirmed child custody proceedings were moving forward. until Stanley Obi won the legal victory.

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