Adele may not fulfill her dream of living in both Los Angeles and London



Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Singer Adele normally resides in the United States, especially since the beginning of his current romantic relationship with the agent rich paulrepresentative of NBA stars such as Lebron James. However, until a few months ago the music star took great care of the real estate in his native London. So much so that almost three years ago he asked the city council for a permit to start a deep reform of two adjacent houses he has in the British capital, so that they could constitute a single and imposing dwelling.

From that decision seemed to emerge a clear desire to live between Los Angeles and his beloved London, but as several sources have alerted the newspaper The Sun, the aforementioned works have not even started, just a few weeks before the expiration of the period in which the renewal should be framed. An informant stated directly that Adele he would have finally chosen to scrap his plans.

鈥淟ast year a sign was even put up warning of possible noise, but absolutely nothing has happened since then. The houses have not been touched and the works have not even started. Adele鈥檚 neighbors are naturally delighted with such tranquility, but they are very confused about her plans for the future, 鈥渟aid another confidant. The singer also has a large apartment in the center of the city, which has three bedrooms, a private pool, a cellar and even a sauna.

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